Hard Rock Cafe Launches New And Legendary Menu While David Trauts Moseys In For A Try

The Hard Rock Café Bali on Kuta Beach launched a new menu on Valentine’s Day last week and what better day to share the love — of food. It’s the first time in many years the HRC menu has had a [...]

DJ Story #22: Dan Cook
 | UK

Hi Dan, when did you first become a Bali resident DJ? Since 2014. Tell us your background in music In 1999 I got my first job in a recording studio where I learned the fine art of making cups of [...]

Bali Electronic Music Collectives: TRIGGER

The Beat checks out the undeground electronic collectives on the island/ Episode 4 is a DJ collective based in Jakarta and Bali with a huge celebration coming up — celebrating their 15th year [...]

Bali Street Mums and Kids Project & Kim Farr

The Beat is helping to promote an event initiated by DJs Roger and Flex at Lost City next week, Friday, February 21, to raise funds and awareness of a charity group called Bali Street Mums and [...]

Colorful Georgetown

The multi-ethnic, culturally charged capital of the Malaysian Penang Island boasts exquisite architecture and a remarkable collection of the city’s diverse cultures set within the eclectic urban [...]

Valentine’s Lovers and Hopers

It’s almost the time of the year to feel the LOVE! Valentine’s Day this year will let you express your love for each-other and/or let sparks fly for new found partners at the meet-n-greets. Here [...]

Bali Electronic Music Collectives: Escape

The Beat checks out the undeground electronic collectives on the island/ Episode 3 One of Bali’s most current and prolific house music collectives, Escape Presents have been making big moves all [...]

Bali Beach side Clubs: the complete list

Beach clubs have taken off in the past few years around Bali’s southern coastal area and have helped to create a new term, daylife, in lieu of nightlife, and with it has come a healthier, [...]

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