Wisdy to ADE

Wisdy is a resident DJ at Jenja Club here in Bali and he’s on his way for the first time to DJ in Amsterdam at an event known as ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), which hosts hundreds of international DJs in many clubs around the city. Wisdy will be playing on October 21 at Doka, an underground club with a reputation for its lively crowd and endless parties. He will be playing B2B with Prunk in a conjoined Netherlands – Indonesia duo called Koneksi – Connectie! We caught up with Wisdy just before his gig in Holland to find out some more.
How did you get into DJing?
Maybe it was because I love music. My parents told me that I used to listen to any kind of music since I was a toddler, and actually, I was raised on a lot of Bob Marley music. That kind of music was what I was fed on.
Do you produce? What software/hardware do you like to use?
Yes I had some releases from back in the days when I was using logic. I am using Ableton at the moment to make writing faster and to become more creative. I believe every electronic music producer has their own unique way to make their music, anyway. I posted some of my works on
You’re next gig for ADE is going to be massive! How did it come about?
I know, I am so grateful to be surrounded by talented people I can call friends, like Hugo Marti who introduced me to Prunk (NL), which was the beginning of it. I will play B2B with Prunk at the event for the @koneksiconnectie and also playing there will be Indonesian house music legend Anton Wirjono B2B with Mike Risk (NL).
You’ve made a name for yourself in Indonesia; do you feel like its time to move onto Europe or anywhere abroad?
I feel like it’s still too early to move abroad. I still need to figure out how the game is played over there, but I’m very open for new opportunities and always up for new challenges and to learn new things abroad to broaden my knowledge.
Do you have any track you know you will play at Doka? Any secret weapons?
Yes I have a list already, some of them I made as a chart on beatport for Wisdy ADE 2016 chart. Check it out.
Thanks Wisdy. We wish you good luck and know that you will pump the crowd up as much as you do in Jenja! Keep up the good work and party on!


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