Tradition Meets Innovation in Bali Fashion Trend 2018

The Beat’s Sahiri Loing speaks with Dwi Iskandar from Bali Fashion Trend about this weekend’s fashion event at TS Suites.
Sunny Bali is indeed the perfect locale for a spring/summer-themed fashion event such as the this weekend’s Bali Fashion Trend 2018. Hosted by the Indonesian Fashion Council, the runway of Bali Fashion Trend 2018 will display the finest work from 40 designers; a combination of established designers such as Oka DiPutra, Deden Siswanto, Ali Charisma, Lenny Agustin and Putu Aliki, as well as up-and-coming talents such as Andreas Lim and Fenny Salim and Weda Githa.
“Many of the designers’ collections will incorporate traditional materials and motifs, such as tenun, songket, and batik, and present them in a contemporary style,” Dwi Iskandar, the event’s Head Organizer told The Beat. “We also want to support the government’s program to make those traditional elements more modern, which is why we have invited local businesses to participate, and we’ve also collaborated with the district of Jembrana to design workplace outfits with their local tenun designs.”

The Bali Fashion Trend 2018 will feature plenty of modern-meets-traditional styles that will offer bright colours, simple cuts, and, of course, wearables. And the fashion event also aims to foster and nurture aspiring designers, as exemplified by their Young Designer Incubator program, which was started earlier this year, where participants can learn and engage in a variety of fashion-related subjects. All 12 of the program’s participants will be part of the 100 brands appearing in BFT’s pop-up shop called the Tstore.
Not just a flashy display of the latest fashion trends, Bali Fashion Trend 2018 shoots for the bigger picture. “We want to build a stronger foundation to promote local fashion onto the international stage,” Iskandar said. “And not just for Balinese, but also for anyone who has a fashion-related business in Bali, including foreigners. We wish to invite them to work together to support the local fashion industry.”
Fashion aficionados, be sure not to miss Bali Fashion Trend 2018 held at TS Suites Bali on May 19 – 21.


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