Spinning Tradition with Bali Fashion Trend 2018

Bali Fashion Trend 2018 was successfully held at TS Suites for three whole days from May 19 – 21, and in line with the mission of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC), the show has certainly highlighted the archipelago’s rich fashion heritages.
Balinese ikat endek cloth was favored by designer Lusi Damai and Dhevinta Tito as they incorporated the material to their contemporary dresses, as did Elizabeth Njo May Fen—under her brand, Ketique—with batik kawung and Dwi Iskandar, who is also the chairman of Bali region’s IFC, with the colorful woven cloth of Jembrana that he stylishly transformed into casual work garb.
But not all had a spin on tradition—Oka Diputra unveiled his elegant couture line complemented with regal headpieces; Yon Yulizar dressed his models in huge and voluminous Victorian-inspired skirts; while Ali Charisma, showed his men’s line, and Angeliqa Wu opted for more contemporary and hip getups. There were over 40 designers in total.


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