Soka: Ready to Open in 2 Weeks

Soka is a new club in central Kuta and is just about ready to open its doors. According to the new owner of the venue, Kevin Sugg, it will be ready to go in the second week of August and we can’t wait for that! The Beat spoke with Kevin about the new venue and what we can expect.
So tell us a little about Soka. What is the club going to offer?   
Kevin Sugg:  The ultimate goal at Soka Nightclub is to provide all our guests an amazing party atmosphere in Bali. We are going to offer the highest quality of service to ensure the club is filled with good people and good energy. The venue was designed for both locals and tourists to join us in a celebration of life on earth.
Who designed Soka and how big is it? How does it look?
We put together an outstanding team to develop and build a very unique design. By integrating the spiritual nature found on the Island of the Gods we hope to capture everyone’s imagination. Colors, shapes, plants, water features and statues are used to make your mind, body, and soul feel alive. The entire club will harness 1,500m2 of total space on 2 floors to allow your epic party experience to unfold. After we open the doors to the nightclub we will continue to build the upper floors to showcase another 1,800m2 of entertainment.

How about the music schedule, do you have the style of music planned out already?    
We’re mostly going to play all popular genres such as R&B, electro, and EDM. But we will also play deep house, techno and tech house one day per week.
Any special nights and international guest DJs on the way?
Our Grand Opening will be Thursday, August 17 – Independence Day. We will do everything possible to make every night special. Using a mix of local and international DJs we aim to provide the best beats in Bali. To complete this goal we installed a massive sound and lighting package. We also have the much anticipated Gatecrasher Reunion After Party coming up soon on Wednesday, Aug 23 from 11pm – 4am.
And how about parking? (Always an issue heading to Kuta)
Parking can be found just across the street from Soka and there’s the ability to hold 50+ vehicles.
And who is running the show?
Doddy Wirawan is the General Manager of the club. He has 20+ years in the Food & Beverage industry and has enlisted an elite team to join Moksa. All crew members are excited to pour their hearts into making the guests happy.
SOKA will be opening very soon and promises to be the next big thing in electronic music and clubbing in Bali. Look out for the Grand Opening on August 17, the Indonesian Independence Day public holiday, which is sure to be a massive event and not to be missed!


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