Magic or Mystic

David Trauts stops by to flip the cards with Shasya Veruzka

This pint sized gal above, with a big heart and a keen mystic fashion sense, could possibly set you on the right course for your immediate future. Shasya Veruzka is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, psychic, tarot reading phenomenon and is sitting in a café in down town Seminyak waiting for your visit.

The first time I came across Shasya was at the regular Sunday afternoon food festival that was held at Segara Village Resort in Sanur. There were a group of us attending the knock-up BBQ and each one of us from the group took turns to try a reading with the mysterious psychic at her fold-up table. In my case she nailed just about everything of worth in my past before proceeding to inform me of the immediate future, which was a rosy coloured immediate future indeed. Everyone else that sat down with her for the 10-minute reading also said the same thing as they sat back at our table to enjoy another Bintang beer.

Uncanny is the word that comes to me, and skepticism is always stuck in the back of my mind at such occasions, but fair enough, everything she said came to light right to the day in my case over the next months.  So much so that I went scurrying back recently to meet her at Pavezo Bistro in Seminyak to get the next installment, which proved to be another mindboggling experience, nailing my past, present and future all over again.

So what makes this young lady tick?

Further investigation showed that she has had this psychic gift since early childhood.

“My mother discovered that I could see things in the future. Everything I was saying became true, like people dying in the family or accidents and even what happened on TV. I remember once when I was around five years old after not being able to take a toy I wanted in a shop and driving home in my mother’s car, many cars began crashing behind us as we drove. And I was causing it.  My mother was saying, this is a weird day. She tested me again later, doing the same thing at the shop, then driving home the same thing happened again. Cars crashing. This freaked my mother out and she took me to the local rukia (priests that perform ceremonies etc) to check me over and then to other religious people, because she thought I was a…. demon.”

The priests gave her a special shroud to put across her eyes that was apparently used to ward off these visions and she continued her childhood the best she could. She also had a premonition that at around age 30 she would pursue this gift to the fullest extent.

“I didn’t have control over this when I was younger but by the age of 30 I could handle it better. I now use the Tarot cards to help me read people. I can also read things just by talking to them, but I prefer to be a navigator more than the driver of this – it keeps me out of trouble.”

Sometimes she says she has had to hold back some sensitive information when reading with friends or family as it’s just too hot to expose.

I asked her, does what you see always come to fruition? “Yes, every time,” she answers.

I pick my last card and pass it to her. She turns it over and it’s the card of Fortune. I like the sound of that.

Whether you think it’s hocus pocus or lap it up with a trowel, Shasya is surely a psychic force to be reckoned with.

Contact via WA: +6285881504227


7 thoughts on “Magic or Mystic”

  1. I would love yo have a reading with you when I am in bali next time.
    Unfortunately it wont be for 6 month or so.
    Are you always in Bali?
    Do you do readings for people on video?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.
    Jane. 🥰

  2. I would like to see you. In Seminyak till Thursday night 04/05.
    Where can I find you?

  3. Hello, I would like to meet you . I am in Bali till 11th July. Please let me know how can I reach you and seek an appointment. Thank you.

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