Jon Sa Trinxa

Jon Sa Trinxa is a true veteran in today’s electronic music scene. He is known around the world for his continuous residencies in Ibiza as one of the world’s most re-known Balearic DJs, following a passion for music as a whole and making sure to catch the crowd’s attention with a range of genres. His residency at Sa Trinxa in Salinas, Ibiza put his name in the lime light but his DJing career spans from the late 80s rave scene to festivals, clubs and beach parties on all corners of the globe! We caught up with Jon for a bit of a chat about the old, the new and the current clubbing culture.
Hey Jon, where in the world are you at the moment and how is your day treating you?
All is good, I’m playing in Lima, Peru this weekend, love the ceviche here.
Can you give us a little re-cap on how it all started for you?
I was once a photographer and one fateful day my flat was burgled and I had all my cameras stolen! The same day I was offered work as a DJ and from that day on I have been DJing.
What took you to Ibiza and what has changed since you first arrived?
I was invited to play at a party in Ibiza, I loved it so much I decided to stay and I have been in Ibiza for 24 years!
Have you been to Bali before? Do you see any similarities between Bali and Ibiza?
Yes I have been to Bali and have played at Karma many times. Bali and Ibiza are worlds apart, if there are any similarities I would say it is the diversity of the people who visit the island.
For those people who may not know what being a Balearic DJ is all about, could you explain?
Balearic music is kaleidoscope of genres, I therefore reflect this by playing many styles of music.
Do you have a favorite venue/event that you like to attend/DJ every year?
NYE at Karma Kandara of course!
What advice would you give to an aspiring DJ trying to get into the game?
Dare to be different, don’t follow trends .
Your job can be pretty tiring, can you walk us through one of your busiest weekends?
Over the summer months in Ibiza I play three days a week on the beach at Sa Trinxa, I play eight hours a day, most weekends I travel to different parties all over the world, New York, London, Paris. Most of my parties are outside and 90% of my work is on beaches and thats where I feel at home and this is why I love playing at Karma Kandara.
Do you have any tracks in mind for your gig at Karma Kandara?
Loads of new music and classic remixes this year on the agenda.
The international clubbing culture is ever-evolving, why does Ibiza feel like it never changes?
Ibiza is the heart of dance culture and it’s been like that since 1987, all DJs want to play in Ibiza. I guess Ibiza in some ways is timeless, the music is forever changing but every year the same people return, it’s a kind of Déjà vu. People of all colours and cultures from all around the world join together as one and what could be better? After all that’s what music is all about, transcending politics and religion. If only we could get all the politicians to dance then maybe we would live in a more peaceful world.


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