Interview: The Revenge | Woobar Sunday November 27

Interview: The Revenge

The Revenge spins today, Sunday Nov 27 at Woobar, W Retreat Bali.
The Revenge, real name Graeme Clark, is a DJ and producer known for his house, techno and disco fusions. His sound is centered around analogue baselines and feel-good happy synths, but with a modern-like twist, utilizing all the intricacies in today’s electronic music gear. His releases can be found on a range of imprints like Delusions of Grandeur, Z Records, Dikso, Wolf Recordings and more as well as his very own Roar Groove. He has built up his reputation as a producer who emulates his marvelous studio work with his live set up, smashing every gig from his hometown in Glasgow to club nights in Ibiza, festivals in Brazil and everything around and in between. With his up-coming gig at the Woo Bar this coming Sunday the 27th of November we thought it would be a good idea to catch up with The Revenge!
Hi Graeme, how are you? Where in the world are you right now and why?
Hello! I’m good thanks. I’m at home in Glasgow, Scotland. It now feels like winter is finally here.
How did The Revenge come to be your alias? Explain to us a little about that.
Well I used the name for an email address I put on the run-out groove of a record I released in 2000 called ‘Double Dragon’. I ran a label with some close friends called Five20East and we got burned by a distributor going under and owing us some cash. I used the name as a comeback of sorts and it stuck. When I needed an artist name later down the line for a project with DJ Harri from the Sub Club and I used it from then onwards.
Tell us a bit about your progression as a producer, what kind of genre(s) would you class yourself under and what is the sound that you are most comfortable creating?
I really never attach myself to genres. I make quite a lot of different styles for my own sanity. I would get restless making the same style all the time so I always switch it around depending how I feel.
How is your record label, Roar Groove going? What kind of up-coming releases should we listen out for?
It’s been a really great outlet for doing my own thing. Although I’ve had my own label’s in the past, Roar Groove was my first experience of handling all aspects of the operation with some help from a couple of friends. I really felt it was important for me to go back to doing things that way and actually feel all the excitement and anxieties of running a label. It’s a lot of work and it’s not easy, but when you can actually release something that is 100% your vision then it’s worth it. The next release is the new 6th Borough Project album which will land in February. I’m really excited about finally getting that out there.
Can you give us your recipe for the best party?
Good people + good sound system + good space = good times.
What does your live set up look/sound like?
It’s always mutating, but in general it’s a mixture of hardware and software. Core gear at the moment is the Moog Voyager, Dave Smith Prophet 6, Roland TR8, Ableton Push. As for the sound, it’s pretty punchy house and techno for the most part.
Did you start DJing or producing first? How long did it take you to build up your DJing skills?
I started making music when I was 15 and then got a set of decks when I was 18. I was DJing in bars first of all from the age of 21 I guess and then played the odd club gig between then and my mid 20’s. It wasn’t really until I started playing more regularly in clubs when I was in my early 30’s before I really felt I had a handle on it. I still feel I’m learning in both production and DJing although the basics will always be there.
Who were your inspirations when you were first interested in electronic music?
Bands like the Prodigy, KLF, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk were my first introductions. Musically and sonically they were the blueprint for me starting out making music.
Have you been to Indonesia before? How would the Indonesian nightlife compare to the Glasgow party scene?
I’ve only been to Bali once before and it was quite a short trip but the people were super friendly and up for a good time so in some ways not different from Glasgow that much. Obviously the weather is very different.
Do you have any tracks that you have in mind for your gig at Woo Bar?
Well it’s a sunset session so I’m really looking forward to playing some blissed out summer jams outdoors … Something that I can’t really do in Glasgow in bleak mid-winter!
Do you have any up and coming projects you’d like to share?
I’ve got a remix dropping in January for Manchester band Blossoms and then 6th Borough Project album in February, then live tour later in 2017.
We’re excited to hear your set, explain to us in three words what to expect.
Sizzling sunset soundtrack.
The Revenge spin today, Sunday Nov 27 at Woobar, W Retreat Bali. Looks like a beautiful day in Bali so get out there and enjoy it.


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