Eddie Thoneick

Eddie Thoneick is a name that many find synonymous to high octane, happy house music. German born Eddie has been in the game for about two decades, starting off his coveted DJing career by winning a local DJ contest in his native Dusseldorf. Eddie has been demolishing crowds all over the planet ever since, shifting between playing live and studio life, focusing on his productions which have set international charts ablaze with a wide spread arsenal of remixes and collaborations among house music legends like Bob Sinclair, David Guetta, Armand Van Helden and his buddy Erick Morillo. After some time off in the studio, Eddie is back on track and letting the world know he is back in action! This time with more power than ever – catch him at The Beat Party at Sky Garden on April 7!
Hey Eddie, how’s your week treating you?
Hey guys. Everything is great. Hectic, but in a positive way.
The house scene has evolved a lot, in what ways have you had to evolve?
Well, it has always been this way. I´ve been living in this scene for the last 23 years and seen a lot of changes. I´ve experienced that with every new generation coming every couple of years, there comes a new wave of sound. But the music has always been going back to the basics of house music. Of course in an evolved way. I think the challenge of every producer that wants to stay in the game is about staying innovative, which sometimes can be a struggle. Take a look at the scene right now. House Music is all over the place. But now for example they call it Future House. For the kids it´s brand new, something fresh. To me it´s an evolved form of classic, swinging US house. Updated, stronger rhythms and bigger sounds. I love to be in an ongoing challenge with every production. Keeping music production in a safe zone with every production always is a step back.
How would you describe your style of music? What are your main focuses when starting a track?
For me it´s always been “all aspects of house”. It doesn´t matter if it´s progressive house (edm) like the stuff I´ve done for Axtone or Size or more Tribal/Latin-House like the productions I´ve done with Kryder for example. The essence for me is: My sound has to have soul. And I´m proud of every production I´ve done. When starting a track I always try to stay true to what I stand for and create something “out of The Box”.
What kind of software/hardware do you use in the studio? Do you ever produce just on your laptop whilst touring for example?
Haaa. I´ve never been able to work on the road. I simply can´t work on my small laptop. I need my big screens, sound system and environment to really get inspired. Also I want to separate touring from producing. I´m surrounded by dance music all day long. The little spare time I have while traveling I want to get to know the countries and their people, their culture and not sit in my hotel room producing.  My general setup right now is very simple. Mac Pro, a 34” widescreen for my cubase 9 workspace, 19” screen for my Pinguin Audiometer to read my frequencies and Focal SM9 speakers. I built my new studio in late 2015 and reduced it to a minimum. I wanted to focus on sound. So I put all the money into the acoustics, getting the room to a perfect balance in sound. Everything is handmade. The room, the corners, absorbers. Even my Desk has been produced to fit the acoustics of the room.
Your latest release on Armada with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano “Drums of Tobago” has received a lot of traction, can you give us a few words on the creative process?
Sunnery & Ryan are longtime friends in this business. We´ve always loved each other’s sound, have a similar taste in music and DJing. We started talking at last year´s Miami Music Week and decided it was about time to do something together. We wanted to get a Balearic Latin summer feel but keeping the energy level up and combine sounds of today with classic sounds. It took us about a week to nail it and it went down really fast. The result was exactly what we wanted it to be. In my opinion it´s a feel good track that a lot of people really loved.
Let’s talk about your seemingly new radio show Lights On, can you explain to us what it’s all about?
It reflects me as an artist. Every show has a different vibe, a different sound. I want to take the listener on a small 60 minute journey. Starting with some more laidback vibes before going into some uplifting tracks. I just don´t want to have a “one of a million” radio show where I play a mix that is absolutely exchangeable. Some people might not like the talking, but a lot of people really like it. I personally like to give the listener some small background info to some tracks, news and my music during the show.
Do you have any tracks that you know you will play for your gig at Sky Garden and The Beat Party?
Absolutely. I will have a lot of new tracks to test out that I´ve been working on the last couple of months. It´s going to be all aspects of house all night long 😉
Give us a three word answer for what to expect at your gig!?
Variety, feelgood, unique.


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