Camilo Franco

Camilo Franco is one of the greatest representatives of Balearic tech house and possibly an artist with most international reach from the island in recent years. Well known for his summer seasons in Ibiza, Camilo held a residency every Wednesday at Space Ibiza in the summer of 2015 and also, along with his sponsor, Bench, headlined Tuesdays on Ibiza Global Radio with artists like Kurd Maverick, Reboot and Tapesh. To top off the summer vibes, Camilo had his moment of joy with a special set for the famous Space Closing Fiesta. In addition to his residencies in Ibiza and countless gigs around the world, Camilo also had time to bring some light to his productions; his track “Once and For All” was featured on Pete Tong’s show on BBC Radio 1 and got a ton of airplay around the world. The rising legend is here in Bali and he’s ready to get those summer vibes flowing again, and on the first day of the New Year! January 1 at Jenja. We expect the New Year’s resolutions to be cracking at the seams by the time of this one begins….
Where in the world are you and what can you see outside your nearest window?
Hey! Well right now I am in Barcelona at my home studio and where I’m based during the winter… I can see some sun outside but unfortunately it’s not as warm as Bali at the moment…
How often are you touring? What are some of your favourite parties in the world and why?
Well I can say I travel at least two times every month and I could say, apart from Ibiza, where there are amazing parties, I like to play in Miami at the Ultra Music Festival, also anywhere in England where they have a great electronic music culture. Cape Town is also a place where the crowd is very special, Dubai is also really nice due to the great mix of people from all over the world and also the arabs are very passionate and they really celebrate the music. I love Sydney too also cause it’s similar to the UK, I can actually name many more places but I think those are the most special for me…
Have you ever been to Bali? There has been talk of Bali being the next Ibiza, how do you see that?
Yes I´ve been to Bali once before and that was around seven years ago. I played there for NYE and I can tell that yes, Bali could be the next Ibiza… Actually I have a lot of friends from Ibiza that love Bali and they go to Bali when the Ibiza season is over and that’s for a reason, I can also include myself. In my opinion, Bali is a magic island like Ibiza and I can only remember good feelings, good energy and great people over there…
What makes a good party in Ibiza? Explain the difference from a party anywhere else.
I think the energy! Its difficult to explain but you can feel the energy as soon as you land in Ibiza. They say Ibiza has a sign and that sign is Scorpio, and that’s what makes the island and the energy that way. Also the hippie influence makes it very special. You can breath freedom so you can really release yourself there. Imagine that you are in a paradise where you can feel the freedom surrounded by amazing parties and music day and night everywhere with the best DJs of the world.
You’re stranded on an island with only three songs on your iPod, what are they?
Uff this is a difficult decision….let´s say:
Sade – “Sweetest Taboo”
Paco De Lucia – “Entre Dos Aguas”
Chris Isaak – “Wicked Games”
What kind of music is the Ibiza sound? Can you give us a couple track names that, for you, epitomise that Ibiza?
I think its a mix of a real deep house with Arabic and Spanish instruments for the day, tech house and techno at night. Every kind of music that makes you have feelings and makes you fly away… For instance that song called “Acamar” was the track of the summer in Ibiza , also tracks like “The Frenchie” from Reboot….
How do you like to chill out when not listening or playing music?
I like to be on the beach, having a good lunch and relaxing listening the sea with my girl during summer time or chilling in a house or hotel at the mountains having a good lunch or dinner and relaxing or a good walk in the nature. I just need the opposite. No music, no noise, just disconnection.
What can we expect when you play Jenja on New Year’s Day (more or less the 66 Rooftop after-party)?
Hahaah! I know some of the DJs on the line up at 66 Rooftop and I’m pretty sure that they will smash it, but I can say that I will smash it too and if the people want to have a really unique music experience, the 1st of Jan they must come and dance with me at Jenja. That night we will all fly to Ibiza!


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