Ahmet Kilic

Ahmet Kilic is a world renowned DJ and producer hailing out of Kardzhali, Bulgaria. His DJing career started in Izmir, Turkey when he got a spot being the resident in one of the biggest clubs in town called Club Marina. After a flying start, Ahmet hasn’t put his foot down, playing in clubs all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East and more. He is one of the most followed deep house DJs on Youtube and always keeps his fans on their toes with some awesome releases. His mixing skills are regularly sought after around the world. Cocoon asked him and Heavy Pins to work on their new compilation, which is available on soundcloud and coincides with the Cocoon 6th anniversary on July 23. DJ Heavy Pins and Ahmet will also be spinning at the Cocoon 6th Blue Party and it should be a great afternoon/evening gig by the beach with these two on the decks.
We managed to sneak into Ahmet’s busy schedule and got a few words before the gig. Enjoy.
Hey Ahmet, how’s it going? Where in the world are you right now?
Hello, everything is fine thank you. At the moment I am in Egypt for little tour with four concerts for the holidays.
How did you get into DJing, did you ever have a backup plan?
From my childhood I was in love with disco music. When I was 11 I started receiving invitations to perform music at school parties. I was just obsessed with music. And I decided to make music a part of my life. I don’t have a backup plan, I don’t like making plans, but I see my future connected with the music business.
You and Heavy Pins appear to work together a lot. Tell us about that relationship?
Me and Heavy Pins know each other for a long time, we met first in a big beach party. After a while we became very good friends. He is very talented in his work and I always feel pleased when we work together.
You two were both involved in the latest Cocoon compilation release on Soundcloud. How did that come about?
Heavy Pins told me about the idea of Cocoon beach club. So it is his idea. But I feel very happy to be part of this project.
What do you think about the electronic music scene here in Bali?
I’ve never been but I’m very interested to see the atmosphere in Bali. I can’t wait to play there and I believe that it will be an incredible party.
What is the process you go through when creating a track? How long does it usually take until your happy with a finished copy?
Sometimes I get very nervous and tired and have sleepless nights. Sometimes it takes me a week to make it, sometimes it takes a year, but everything is worth it in the end when it’s done.
Do you have a track that you know you will play at your gig at Cocoon?
Yes, I plan to play some of my music like Endless Summer, Good Ones Go, As the Rush Comes (remix).
How do you pick the music for each set in a different venue? Do you research the vibe of the club or just go with your musically talented instincts?
I prefer to see the live atmosphere and to react in the moment.
How long will you be staying in Bali and what do you do in your spare time?
Ill be there for six days and I’m planning to have much fun in beautiful Bali.
What can we expect from you at the Cocoon 6th Anniversary?
I promise a crazy party.
Check Ahmet Kilic at Cocoon’s 6th Anniversary Blue Party on July 23. It’s a day party from 1pm to 9pm – and you know what to wear.
Listen to their Cocoon Anniversary compilation here

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