Bali Training Center

Bali has become a popular fitness destination since Crossfit and MMA dominated the hip area of Canggu. Slowly but surely, it’s only natural that other areas on the island are following suit.
For Muay Thai enthusiasts in Uluwatu, you might’ve heard the good news about the opening of Bali Training Centre six months ago.. Jake Iling, the owner was in Phuket for a Muay Thai training back in 2012 and has grown very passionate about this combat sports and to be living in Uluwatu with hardly any decent gym for Muay Thai training – Jake thought he had to do something about it.
Muay Thai, the ancient form known as “The Art of Eight Limbs” based on its fundamental of using eight strike points (fists, elbows, knees and feet) has been one of the rising stars in the fitness industry since MMA bouts became popular worldwide. A well rounded strength and conditioning is needed in MMA and Muay Thai has all of the aspects for an MMA fighter to gain a solid strength foundation. Nowadays, people train Muay Thai simply for fitness. The total body movements have all the fitness elements covered including muscular endurance, strength, agility & flexibility, balance and core strength.

With the intention to making a space for himself to do what he loves, Jake wanted to share the experience of learning Muay Thai with others – six months later, his training class is packed with up to 35 people sweating it out with him which is very impressive. The class lasts for approximately 90 minutes, combines basic techniques, pad works, heavy bag works and additional fitness challenge in between as well as some body weight workouts and abdominal finishers to wrap it up.
Having new visitors coming to train everyday, Jake always incorporates basic techniques in each of his classes to make sure everyone mastered it properly. His class has inspired many of his loyal clients. For Shanty, one of the regular members, the class has helped her through tough times and Jake’s motivation and support have been of value in her fitness journey. Liz, who at first felt intimidated by the sport is now totally enjoying it and loving the community – Vicky, who has been training Muay Thai for a while in New Zealand, was very happy to continue her passion at Bali Training Centre when she moved to Uluwatu.

Jake was lucky to find his sidekick, Dodge and his hidden talent that has flourished under Jake’s assistance. Dodge, in a short period of time has become skillful in holding pads, which isn’t something easy to do especially when it comes to pad holding for people with proper Muay Thai skills.
When asked about future plans, Jake is planning on having a proper ring built, adding something new such as yoga classes, events and continue growing the community to train and inspire.

Bali Training Center is located on Jl Bingin, very close to Uluwatu’s most popular joints and only walking distance to the beach. Equipped with decent heavy bags, good quality boxing gloves and pads, a few sets of dumbbells, battle ropes as well as skipping ropes in their semi open training area with quite a spacious outdoor grass area.
Only a few steps away is the Cashew Tree restaurant serving everything fresh and healthy, from cold press juices to power breakfasts – there’s nothing better than heading out for a healthy refuel after a solid training session!
Bali Training Centre
Jl Pantai Bingin, Bingin beach – Pecatu
Phone : +62 81916276813


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