Vi Ai Pi: Blue Punch

Barman: July
There is something alluring about blue cocktails, especially when it is fresh, exciting and full of tropical elements. Vi Ai Pi’s concoction, ‘Blue Punch’ (100k) is no exception; it fits all of these descriptions perfectly. Crafted by the Bar Supervisor, July, this cocktail is created in honor of Bali’s great weather, as well as to suit the lively Jalan Legian vibe. It is filled with muddled lime, lychee and basil, shaken with vodka, plus the blue curacao which provides its pretty blue hue. Besides its bright look, the result of this combination is sugary, rather delicate, with a hint of citrus that adds a pretty nice balance. Topped with whipping cream, cherry and basil leaves, this cocktail is sure to make a great way to kick off an evening out. Try it now!


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