Ryoshi Seminyak

For me personally, a Japanese restaurant is more of a holy place; it’s never been a place for just sating hunger, it’s a place where each and every bite has an almost spiritual effect on my emotions.
Therefore when it comes to Japanese food, what I seek is authentic – and nothing less. When the real deal is served, I just know it.
Ryoshi restaurant is located right on Jalan Raya Seminyak. Ryoshi has well earned its reputation as one of the most popular sushi joints on the island. First opened in 1993, there are now a total eight restaurant branches including Surabaya and Lombok, combining authentic Japanese food and Jazz live music – which is a fusion that really works.

I have been here plenty of times before and thought I have tried a lot of goodness on the menu, but I hadn’t tried much of their sashimi. So this time I opted for a big treat – and selected the sashimi sets. There’s nothing more divine than a tray ( or two ) of finely sliced fresh sashimi.
Laid before me are the Orchid set and Usu Zukuri; a Japanese style white fish carpaccio.
The Orchid set with its glistening, mid-ranged sashimi selection of yellowfin, tuna, skipjack, and finely sliced octopus with pickled ginger placed to one side was divine – while the Usu Zukuri comes with a citrus dipping sauce that went very well together. Now for me, the party has started – and it has started magnificently.

Items can also be ordered individually, and if you dine with a bunch of friends – there are also set menus which are great value to share. Their sushi sets start at IDR 70k while a la carte sushi and maki rolls are priced from as little as IDR 24k.
Served beautifully before my eyes was a new comer on the menu; the perfectly marinated Ahi Poke Salad and I couldn’t have enough of it.
Finding a Japanese restaurant that serves fresh sashimi is one tricky mission, but as I savored my last bite of tuna – that mission had been firmly accomplished. It’s good to know Ryoshi is still consistent in prioritizing quality and fresh ingredients.

Satsuma age was served after. These fried fish patties in hot broth are quite tasty and priced at IDR 35k.
Finishing up, we had an excellent bowl of Hiyashi Ebi Soba, a cold soba noodles served with shrimp tempura, cucumber and shredded omelette as topping – simply delicious.
A glass of refreshing chuhai mojito turned out to be a good idea, too.

Other popular items include Japanese favorites like Udon and Soba noodles, a large selection of deep fried dishes (Agemono), grilled and pan fried dishes (Yakimono) and skewers amongst other favorites. Try also warabimochi; their new dessert priced at only IDR 18k.
Ryoshi is known for its fresh authentic Japanese food with great value for money and a cozy athmospere. Enjoy live Jazz on Monday, Wednesday and Friday upstairs – and if you’re a fan of the talented Indonesian trumpeter Rio Sidik, come on Monday evening to dine while enjoying his live performance. There are more than enough wines and spirits on the menu to get you through a cozy, fun evening.
Ryoshi Seminyak
Jln. Raya Seminyak No. 17
Seminyak – Bali – Indonesia
Telp. +62 361 731 152
Email: seminyak@ryoshibali.com


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