Dhanya at Golden Tulip Jineng

Quality, authentic Balinese dishes await at Dhanya restaurant – a hidden treasure tucked below the impressive lobby of the Golden Tulip Jineng resort on Sunset Road.
Used to store rice during harvest time, a jineng is a traditional Balinese structure that features a high thatched roof to allow air to circulate around the gathered rice. True to its name, the lobby at Golden Tulip Jineng pays homage to this, with its own take on this unique building. Fittingly, the menu at the resort’s signature Dhanya restaurant also honours the Balinese way, with a special megibung section to compliment all the usual western favourites such as salads, sandwiches, pastas and pizzas.

Essentially a selection of Asian tapas, the megibung is a feast of flavours, traditionally found in the Karangasem region of east Bali. Small plates featuring a huge mix of meat, veggies and condiments are shared out in a kind of mix’n’match style of dining. At Dhanya, there are over 20 dishes to choose from, all ranging from between 10k++ to 55k++ in price.
On the day I visit, I have a couple of friends in tow, so we go all out and order one of everything – something I’ve always wanted to do in a restaurant. While we wait for the food, we cool off with a few drinks from the vast beverage menu, eventually deciding on a Minty Strawberry Iced Tea (38k++), a creamy Orange Frappuccino (38k++) and a Strawberry Mojito (95k++). They hit the spot perfectly, providing some much needed refreshment from the current run of super hot weather we’ve been having.

Soon enough, the food arrives, and arrives, and arrives. It seems to be never ending, and we keep rearranging the table until it is literally bursting with tasty morsels. Melinjo crackers, shredded Balinese Ayam Betutu, tender cubes of Beef Rendang, Urap salad, three kinds of sambal… The list goes on and on – it really is impressive, and we waste no time digging in and sampling a bit of everything. As an added bonus, a large proportion of the dishes are gluten free – great if you’re watching your wheat. Between three people, ordering one of everything seems to be the go, as we just about manage to polish off the whole lot with space to spare for a cheeky dessert of Mango Delight (35k++) to share.
Dhanya restaurant is open from 6.30am every day for buffet breakfast (special 72k nett price for walk in diners), with the lunch/dinner menu featuring the megibung options kicking off from 10.30am.
Dan Ashcroft
Dhanya at Golden Tulip Jineng
Jl. Sunset Road 98, Kuta
T. 472 7488 | www.goldentulip.com


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