Los Gringos

A stroll through Oberoi can give you endless possibilities of food and nightlife. Los Gringos does both in abundance and has a lively atmosphere every night of the week! We visited on a Thursday evening around 7.30pm and the vibes were already poppin’. Latin hip hop sounds were flowing and the friendly staff had us sitting down looking through the menu in no time. If you are looking for somewhere to transition your dinner into party time, Los Gringos is the perfect option – boasting an all you can eat deal from 5pm – 9pm every single day for only 99k! But wait it gets better… you can pair that with the all-you-can-drink deal (Margaritas and Bintang beers) at the same time for 150k. Boom.

So naturally, we started our journey through the extensive Mexican menu and eventually managed to try almost everything in one sitting – keep in mind we were two hungry grown men. The rules are as follow; you may choose up to three items per order and you can order again and again every time your plate is empty! Sounds great, right?! And you’re not wrong!

The options include all your classic Mexican fare like Quesadillas, Soft & Hard Tacos, Enchiladas, Burritos, Taco Salad, Tostadas, Patatas Fritas, Jalapeno Poppers and Croquetas de Queso. You can choose any dish to have your preferred meat, fish or vegetarian options including chipotle beef, braised beef brisket, bbq pulled pork, roasted adobo pork, tepura butterfish, spicy paprika shrimp and grilled veggies. Other than that, there are options like pizzas, burgers and the chipotle chicken nachos!

One thing’s for sure, you never go hungry at Los Gringos – imagine all that for only IDR 99k. You could call it the deal of the century. Now, where’s my drink??


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