Lady L: Kumar Punch

 In Food, What Do You Recommend, Barman?

Barman: Gota

There’s just something about a fresh fruity punch that completes any tropical holiday and makes just about every party that much better. If you need your punch to have a little kick, go for this Kumar Punch (110K++) at the new Lady L Bar in Petitenget. A fresh, amber-colored piece of perfection, recommended by the Lady L Bar barman, Gota. Taking the sophistication of the classic ice fruit punch with sweet and tangy flavours from the muddled strawberry, this cocktail is a not just fruity, but also very tasty. Shaken, not stirred, it mixes vodka with passion syrup and fresh tangerine. Smooth and sweet, Gota would say that it’s a glass of happiness everyone will love. Just ask him and Gota will be ready to mix up a Kumar Punch tropical storm/cocktail for you tonight!

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