Kombuchi Brewing

If you haven’t invested into Kombucha yet, then you must change your financial advisor! This sparkling, fermented probiotic tea good for your gut is all the rage in Canggu, and Kombuchi Brand is one of our top faves.

The Kombuchi Brewing cafe’s got more types of the famous probiotic tea than other kinds of drinks combined and their range of flavors is just as extravagant as it is wide!

The café also serves smoothie bowl essentials and it is mandatory you wash it all down with a bottle from their amazing range of “buchas”.
The “Tumeric” and “Apple & Beet” are running through our veins on a daily basis. Make it your daily ritual and you’ll have a very happy gut.

Hot tip: It helps prevent the infamous Bali belly! Plus the lovely little café has super lovely owners with two just as lovely dogs, which means a ton of loveliness all around.

They are also in the process of building a mini Nasi Campur stand at the front of Kombuchi premises, to serve flavors of Indonesian archipelago to the locals and expats of Bali alike. It was Kombuchi team’s mission to create something that allows the locals to enjoy as well. Soon it will be open for everyone to pop in and enjoy spicy Indonesian food whilst sipping on gut healing Kombucha.

Words & Pics by Vero

Kombuchi Brewing
Jl.Pantai Linjong 73
Open: 9am – 5pm daily

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