Stop The Plastic Delivery

 In Food News

We have seen the rise of takeaway food create a very high level of convenience, but is it really all that good for the community? At first, Bali’s relationship with takeaway (bungkusan) was purely organic, either banana leaves or paper but we have seen a huge rise of takeaway food ever since the conception of food delivery from restos and apps like Go-Jek and Grab that has resulted in lots of plastic packaging and it’s about time to take action. With Bali’s recent ban on single-use plastics it is a great time to start re-adjusting the way we eat and think about how to eliminate plastic from our day-to-day. Here’s a suggestion; go to the restaurant! However, there are more and more restaurants using eco-friendly packaging, so look out for them and support businesses that are trying to better the island!

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