Date for 2: The Restaurant at The Legian

Experience true culinary luxury at The Legian Bali’s one and only restaurant – The Restaurant! Not only are the uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean right in front amazing, but the service and quality of food matches the surroundings perfectly. The menu highlights fresh organic Balinese produce and the exceptional skills of newly appointed French Michelin-star chef, Stephane Gortina. After joining the team two months ago, Stephane went through and changed about 95% of the menu – adding his special touch to every dish and emphasizing on robust flavors. His culinary style combines modern and traditional methods, using French and South-East Asian flavours inspired by his travels around the world and region.

The spacious, fine dining brasserie-style restaurant offer everything from light and healthy to creamy and outright naughty, from breakfast through to dinner. However, The Restaurant really turns into a romantic oasis as night falls… The flames on the border of the pool are lit, the jazz musicians start to play, the lights are dimmed and the wine begins to flow. And Head Chef Stephane recommends a table on the terrace under the stars.

We commenced our meal with two starters – one from the dinner menu and one from the lunch. Both dishes comprised of marinated fish, the Salmon Gravlax (170k) sourced from the icy waters of Norway, where the salmon is caught in its natural habitat and tasting as fresh as can be. My date enjoyed the Marinated Mahi-Mahi (190k), served with palm tree heart and passion fruit – this dish showcases Gortina’s ability to use French techniques with 100% local produce and totally nail the flavors. We could have licked the plates clean!

As for the main course, we opted for one poultry and one fish dish – choosing the Roasted Chicken (260k) and the Steamed Baramundi (260k). The latter of the two using purely fennel and shellfish as the condiments, from the fennel marmalade, fennel seeds and fennel leaves to the whole glazed fennel and raw slices fennel as well as the fennel flowers. It was fennelicious! As for the chicken, the chef uses chickpeas to create all types of different textures and feelings in the mouth, amounting to a very well-balanced dish with plenty of excitement. We were blown away with the techniques used.

When it comes to dessert, my date and I never ever say no. And wow, were we grateful we had a bit of space left because these treats were to die for! The Chocolate Fondant (140k) was traditionally oozing to perfection with the added touch of ice cream and blueberries adding to the magnificence of this dish. The Cheese Cake Our Way (140k) was a bomb as well, balancing the madness with an exquisite raspberry sorbet, to end yet another, amazing Date for Two.

The Legian, Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Kuta


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