Date for 2: Sakti Dining Room

Nestled in a village right alongside the Ayung River – 8km from Ubud, Sakti Dining Room at the Fivelements Retreat Bali offers a 100% plant-based menu and total Zen vibes. Upon entry, the kind staff welcomed us to our seats and explained their concept. The menu is designed to give optimal plant-based nutrition and high energy whilst inspiring a gastronomical journey aimed to nurture body, mind and soul. Choose between 3, 5 and 7 courses or choose from a wide array of dishes on the ala carte menu, featuring the finest organic ingredients at the height of their season.

We started the loving journey with an amuse bouche, a Healing Roots Elixir (75k) and a home-made Rosella Kombucha (75k). The perfect start to spark our appetite before our 5-course meal (650k). The award-winning restaurant features a fine dining, eco luxurious setting that accentuates the beauty of their raw menu. Perfectly suited to the tropical weather, course one included Balinese Vegetable Lumpias and the super inventive Spicy Avocado Nori Roll – with Jicama “rice” alongside the tastiest Shoyu Lime Dip.

Moving on to the following courses, we were treated to the scrumptious Fivelements Superfood Salad and exquisite Carrot Terrine, which is an excellent example of what the chef is capable of. The Strawberry Gazpacho and Zucchini Soup, which were interesting at first but didn’t excited us till the last bite. Last in the main course department, we enjoyed the Shitake Mushroom Burger and the specially made Beetroot Rissotto.

Adding to the food coma that was culminating, we saved space for the vegan Coconut Panacotta and Pumpkin Pie. Displaying the skill set of the culinary team at Sakti Dining Room down to a tee. If you want to take your date to a tasty vegan restaurant in a fine dining atmosphere, look no further than this stylish, healthy and delicious restaurant.


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