Chef: Bram – MIURA Pintxos Bar & Grill Pintxos

One of the few Spanish restaurants on the island, MIURA Pintxos Bar & Grill serves Spanish cuisine which has influences from the Basque Country; some of those are their signature Pintxos (25k each). Probably the only dining venue to serve these Spanish bites in Seminyak, then munching it is not an option while you’re here; it’s a must! Ask their Executive Chef, Bram, and he will tell you the best options they have. Those may include the Red Fish, Naked Slider and Blacky Bacon (as pictured). Featuring a circle of bread as the base, these pintxos are topped with whatever the chef can get their hands on. For the Red Fish, he combines savory tuna mayo with sambal, chunky olives and grilled capsicum, whereas the Naked Slider is complete with onion ring, tomato curry and parmesan. The last ‘pincho’, Blacky Bacon, contains caramelized onion, cheddar, bacon and dill, perfect for those who love a unique combination of sweet and salty. With its diverse combinations of toppings, we would say that these small bites are truly an exploration of flavors. They might be just a mouthful, but tasty enough to make your taste buds dance the flamenco!

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