Campur Campur – June 3, 2016

It’s always handy to have solid local Indonesian warung up your sleeve for when you want to remind yourself just how damn good the local scran is here.
Knowing which local eateries to pick can be a bit of a gamble at times for those who may not have been in town long enough to figure out all the variables, but Campur Campur ticks all the right boxes, with fresh, healthy cooking and a high turnover of hungry, happy customers. Starting out life next to the old Simpang Siur roundabout before they did the underpass, Campur Campur now occupies a bunch of locations all over the island, serving up a veritable feast of archipelago treats. Literally meaning ‘mixed’ in Bahasa, Campur Campur is a simple idea, brilliantly executed and ideal for any fans of Indonesian food. Take your pick from the front counter by pointing at what you want, sling in some white, yellow or red rice and a cold drink to slurp on and you’re away.
Open from 10am – 10pm every day, Campur Campur Seminyak is a breezy open sided premises tucked down on Jl. Batu Belig on the way to the beach, featuring oodles of rustic charm and some of the smiley-est waitresses around. Very much a family affair, Campur Campur is about as authentically Indonesian as it gets, with everything homemade by Ibu Debby, all based on her mum’s Javanese/Sundanese recipes. You’ll find some of the best local staples here like fried chicken, crunchy tempe, barbequed fish and fresh veggies, all complimented by fragrant condiments and tasty toppings.
Because all the food is ready to go, Campur Campur is the ideal spot to grab a quick lunch on the go, and I frequently do just that between zipping around town on the usual errands. Kicking things off with a good old Iced Lemon Tea (9k!!) is my recommendation, before I then set about filling up my plate with a mix of stuff. It’s fairly pointless to list all the prices of each serving of stuff, but know that whatever you pick, it’ll most likely add up to under 50k for the whole plate. Five bucks for lunch? Hell yes. Head down there later in the day, and the a la carte menu comes into play a bit more due to the fact most of the ‘point’n’choose’ fare is all gone. For a good selection of dishes to share, have a go at the Campur Set A (135k), where you’ll get a portion of grilled fish, two grilled prawn and squid satays, two sets of grilled mussels plus rice and urap salad. Plenty for two people, they also have other set menus for when you bring along a few other buddies. The other option is order up directly from the ‘Dapur’s Campur’ section (kitchen mix), where you’ll find classics like Sop Buntut (oxtail soup 55k), Ayam Bakar (BBQ chicken 35k), or the Nasi Bakar (BBQ rice packet with fish wrapped in a banana leaf)
As they say around here; Makan Yuuuuk! Let’s Eat!
Dan Ashcroft
Campur Campur
Jl. Batu Belig #37, Seminyak
T. 474 1436


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