Bootstrap Cold Brew Coffee

In a good Canggu fashion – this progressive company established by a couple of coffee fanatics in 2015, has rapidly grown into the largest producer of cold brew coffee in Bali.

Bootstrap has all the great qualities of a phenomenal cold brew—it is hand crafted, organic and made locally in small batches. The aromatic beans are of Kintamani origin, they are Canggu brewed and the end result is a beautiful combination of ice cold, less acidic, more caffeine and dairy-free coffee – how does that sound for your daily coffee fix!?

It comes served in distinctively branded glass bottles, and is quickly making its way into various outlets all over the island.
Their quirky shop in Pererenan has, of course, a hipster fit-out with refurbished vintage motorbikes and industrial chic design.
If you crave a strong coffee, opt for the Black Cold Brew. The beverage comes served ice cold on a wooden board with a glass filled up to the brim with ice to pour the black gold over. If you like your coffees on the milky side, then go for their White Coffee, mixed with coco milk & coco nectar, it will definitely win your taste buds over.

If you are a travel junkie and miss a quality coffee while exploring, they also stock a mini 100ml version you can carry on board.
An ideal alternative to hot, acidic, espresso-based coffees, Bootstrap tastes refreshing and provides a strong caffeine hit.

The cold brewing method preserves the fantastic coffee flavor, because the beans haven’t been burnt and is also 70% less acidic – hello – healthier. Bootstrap also tastes perfect in coffee cocktails, and is great for adding coffee flavor while baking or marinating.

Bootstrap Cold Brew Coffee
Address: Jl. Tumbak Bayuh, Pererenan
Open: Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm
Insta: @bootstrapcoldbrew

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