Victory Fitness Club Canggu

Let’s admit, a gym membership isn’t alwasys cheap. Even with many newcomer gyms spread around the island that allow you pay a drop in fee, the average cost per drop in at decent gyms starts from around 100K Rupiah for the right to sweat it out on stationary bikes or treadmills. If you are a visiting tourist, be prepared to pay more as some gyms apply different pricing for non-residents.
More popular Crossfit and MMA gyms may cost up to 200K Rupiah per drop in. While it’s affordable for many, not everyone is into those types of training – some people are simply seeking a well maintained gym with good equipment for an hour’s grind to sweat out all the happy hour calories from the day before.
While there are plenty of local gyms around that cost you less often as little as around 10K Rupiah per drop in. They’re fine if you don’t mind a tight spaced gym with a rusty and dusty weights with Indo house music banging in the background. If you don’t mind the heat humidity and fancy some real local experiences – these gyms can be fun too.
Now if you are seeking for something in between, Victory Fitness Club on Jl Pantai Pererenan, Canggu might just be the answer. Priced at 150K Rupiah per month and as low as 20K Rupiah per drop in, the gym has pretty much everything you need for a great training session.

The gym is equipped with a Smith Machine, leg press machine, a complete set of good quality dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells, squat racks, various weight stacked machines, fitness mats and a good quality battle rope.
MMA lovers? Rejoice! A large sized punching bag is also available to get your boxing or muaythai fix. They have a pair of boxing gloves free to use, but if hygiene is your concern, then best bring your own.
In addition, this place is fairly well maintained and has a sound system you can plug your phone in and play your favorite workout playlists.
The gym is located on the second floor of the two storey building with a smoothie bar on the ground floor where you can order your pre or post workout fuels. They also have lockers and towels available. The gym open from 7am – 8.30pm daily and is located less than five minutes drive by scooter to one of Canggu’s popular surf spots, Pererenan Beach.
All in all, Victory Fitness Club has got you covered for a great solid workout session without breaking the bank. Perfect for those traveling on a budget.
Victory Fitness Club
Jl Pantai Pererenan No.89
Pererenan, Canggu – Bali
Ph : +62 813 37748555


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