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Finding activities for kids can be tricky, and when it comes to after school programs, parents want the best and especially safest activity for their kids. They need to direct that extra energy into something that can let them improve their social skills and spirit, get active and let their creative instincts fly.
While there is a broad range of programs to choose from in Bali, both indoor and outdoor activities – finding one with qualified instructors isn’t really that easy, especially when it comes to sport activities where proper knowledge in movement mechanics defines the overall quality and safety.
Now if you are parents looking for great after school ideas for your kids in Bali that has certified and knowledgeable instructors on board, Thumbs Up might be the answer.
Established in 2012, Cody Young (founder), saw the need for after-school activities and established a company that offered a lot of different activities for expat and local kids such as surfing, skateboarding and martial arts.
In 2015, they decided to focus solely on surfing and changed it to ThumbsUp Surf, they now have an after school surf program that runs Monday – Friday every week.
This activity enables kids learn to surf safely and correctly, learn about essential beach safety and knowledge with qualified instructors who specialize in kid’s surfing where they also get to meet and mix with a lot of other kids from different schools around Bali. Activities often involve spending time body surfing and playing beach games. Students ranged from between 6 up to 14 years old.
It’s certainly more than just an average sand castles and treasure hunting kind of beach activity. Thumbs Up offers the perfect opportunity for kids to get involved in leading a healthy and active lifestyle through a variety of classes. They’re offering the perfect way to embrace and celebrate the great outdoors and the abundance of beautiful beaches this island is blessed with. They’re fully equipped with best quality surf equipment such as a wide range of boards, softop safety boards, mini rip sticks, sunscreen, wax, rash guards and all the essentials you could ever need.

The team at ThumbsUp love sports,  outdoor and are certainly experienced and love working with youngsters. For Cody, surfing is the only activity that he has stuck with his entire life and never grown tired of doing.  In the past, he already taught kids surfing and volunteered in youth sports programs in Hawaii and soon enough, he realized that teaching and mentoring kids activities was something he loved and was naturally good at and he saw the opportunity in doing more of what he was passionate about while at the same time making a living out of it. To him it’s a dream come true.
ThumbsUp keeping their lessons affordable for local and expat parents while offering a lot that comes with it. Lessons included quality surf equipment, pick up and drop off, certified coaches, snacks and drinks, insurance and lots of fun!
Thumbs Up Bali
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