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Welcome to the healthy section!.. the place where The Beat will be providing your bi-weekly information on how to keep your mind & body at its best. We have seen a recent surge of healthy mindful change on the island, which has helped to create a diverse community of shops, restaurants, cafes, yoga and meditation retreats, all centered on developing a balanced life style.
With the amount of cafés and restaurants basing their menu’s on this change we thought we’d showcase some of the most interesting and innovative concepts behind the food. Ranging from organic produce to vegan friendly dishes, we are determined to show each and every individual that eating healthily will not jeopardize your taste buds but will extenuate them! Let the food that you intake be your medicine, prevent illness and feel 100%!
With a healthy diet should come a healthy mind, luckily enough yoga and meditation are activities that are practiced all over the island. International yoga day has just passed and we thought it would be a good idea to keep the ball rolling. To help you narrow the search for the perfect yoga center, we will be showing you a couple of the best on the island, every two weeks. Stay tuned for a taste of healthy living with The Beat!

Alchemy was the first raw vegan restaurant to open in Ubud and has become a coveted hotspot for foodies, vegans and anyone with a desire to try something new! Starting out as a humble juice bar in 2011 to becoming a way of life for so many people on the island, Alchemy has built its reputation solely on the quality of its produce. From the cold press juices to the inventive breakfast menu, renown salad bar, raw chocolate delights and home-made coffee, Alchemy is a temple of goodness waiting for your body to enjoy. With over 100 staff behind the scenes creating and making sure every item on the menu is pristine, including the Balinese Ibu Ibu in the kitchen to the younger generations washing and re-washing their lettuce from the organic garden, it is no surprise that this restaurant is known to have customers repeatedly visit throughout the week. If you thought it couldn’t get better, their waste management will make you feel the love for our planet, with all their plastics bio-degradable and their food waste delivered to the local Green School for their compost – Alchemy is on top of the game.
Café Organic  

Opened in early 2016 with the basics of organic produce and sustainable living, Café Organic can be found on Jl. Petitenget and in Canggu on Jl. Batu Bolong. Their health conscious vegetarian meals are a delight for your body and a spectacle for the camera. With their very own farm full of locally grown vegetables & fruits and the option of nearly every item on the menu being made vegan and/or gluten free, Café Organic is a must-go for anyone vegan. A big stand point that sets them apart from the rest is that they make all their ingredients from scratch, including delicious almond milk, cashew milk, potato hash browns, tomato relish and coconut bacon to name a few. With sustainability at heart, these garden gangstas make sure all the waste is properly taken care of, re-fueling their farm with all the recyclable materials going straight into their compost. Described as the most instagramable Café on the island, make some space to snap their overflowing smoothie bowls, fruit salads served in pineapple shells and popping rainbow juices!
Earth Café

One of the first restaurants of its kind, Earth Café opened its vegan friendly doors in 2009 and has been on an upward, 100% plant based, spinning spiral ever since. The organic haven run by the marvelous Liat Solomon is the epitome of healthy eating. Its hand sourced ingredients are brought in from all corners of the globe and in terms of quality of food it doesn’t get better than this; for example the quinoa from Peru, the sesame seeds from Ethiopia, the sage from the Gola Mountains in the Middle East, the list goes on… Earth Café’s restaurant is only the tip of the iceberg though, they have an incredible selection of over a thousand ingredients for you to cook with at home, visit their market and find delicacies ranging from mixtures for smoothies and falafels to Medigold Tea-Tree Medicinal Honey. Find them in Ubud on Jl. Goutama Selatan or in Seminyak on Jl. Laksmana – or visit their new project Divine Earth which features a raw vegan cinema upstairs!

Popular restaurant Motion previously known as Avocado Café has gone through a change, focusing its energy on your fitness and dietary needs. Motion offers vegan and paleo friendly dishes, supporting local farmers and using as much organic produce as possible. Every dish has its unique twist and counted calories – if you are trying to gain or trying lose, there will be a dish suited to you. From all day breakfast to tropical salads, sweet potato waffles, home-made energy bars, pasta, burgers, soups, curries and stews – mention any food intolerances you might have and enjoy the freedom of eating your meal to your liking. If you would rather eat from home, look into their Weekly Menu, in which they offer a specific topic for each week like paleo, omega3 and high protein, delivered straight to your door. All their cakes are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and have a delicious blend of their own coffee to accompany. Find them on Jalan Batu Bolong opposite Warung Bumi and get your fitness food today!
The Joglo

The Joglo is a family friendly, health conscious restaurant tucked up at the end of Jalan Pantai Berawa and Subak Sari. The huge structure that stands above the restaurant is actually called a Joglo, commonly known in Indonesia as the central part of the home where the family gathers. The concept behind the restaurant fits with this idea, giving families a multitude of entertainment options such as Pilates and (soon to be open) Yoga rooftop areas as well as an organic market and a kid’s playground! Their food selection is enormous, you could easily spend half an hour looking through their menu; from Warung Made’s very own Nasi Campur’s to Luca’s Pizza’s. Not to forget their extensively thought out healthy menu; featuring delicious wraps, love bowls, salads, pasta, burgers, smoothies, cold pressed juices and much more! If you aren’t convinced yet, go and join their free salsa classes on Saturday’s and get yourself in the mood!


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