Stoodley and His long way from Home

Performing in Japan each year, Bali-based, Kiwi singer-songwriter Phil Stoodley revels in the country’s culture, people and landscapes. Inspired to share his experiences, his latest music video “Long Way From Home” was shot on Tokyo’s buzzing streets and sprawling cityscape over three blue-knuckled winter nights earlier this year. Capturing Tokyo’s better-known highlights along with urban hideaways where culture shines and stories are written, the video “Long Way From Home” follows Phil’s journey from rooftops to sake bars, alleyways and taxi rides. We follow Phil on his solo trail, soaking up the sights and sounds that soon feel familiar on foreign soil.

“Long Way From Home” is an acoustic pop/folk song about refection, love, loss, self-discovery, and finding a home within yourself while walking new paths. Phil produced and recorded the song in New Zealand and it appears on his previously released debut album ‘No Surprise’.

“Tokyo is so rich in food, fashion and culture with amazing scenery. And the people are wonderful, sweet and very polite. Sometimes it feels like you’re on another planet. Japan is by far one of my most favourite places to travel, and would have seemed a waste not to take advantage of the location to shoot a music video,” Stoodley told The Beat.

It won’t be long before Phil is back in the ski fields of Japan entertaining action sport-heads over there, while playing multiple drinking games and his guitar of course. But his true love is the music and expressing himself through the video process. Check his latest track on Youtube or through most good streaming services. Just search ‘Long Way From Home’. The video was co-directed and shot by Anatole Papafilippou and edited by Shae Sterling. While you are there, check out Phil’s latest moves into electronica in the name of Skaker Zulu. Well worth the spin.

You could also catch Phil playing in a number of venues around town through the week including Como Resort and Old Man’s among many others.

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