Stay Keen in Quarantine: The Beat Bali Guide

Hey, Beat readers! Thearosa from The Beat magazine here. Hope you’re having a great day and enjoying your time at home. We also hope you’re safe and well!
As uncertain as these times may be, it gifts the opportunity to maximize your curiosity, creativity and discovery. On that note, we have compiled a list of ideas to help you create every day joy and crush your isolation woes. Have fun and be sure to tag us with your ideas!

Unleash Your Inner MasterChef

Indonesia is spoilt with interesting herbs and fresh produce. Have a go at making your favorite Indonesian classics (think Nasi/Mie goreng, Sate Ayam and Rendang or even go for something out there like Rawon), that’s one way to impress your friends and fam for dinner!
If you’re feeling experimental, look into making fermented foods such as kimchi, tempe and kombucha brewing. For those that want to stay in shape and eat right, it’s a great time to finally nail meal planning!
HOT TIP: You can order online groceries and have a contactless delivery through Bali Direct, Compass Fresh and Bali Organic. And check Pinterest, Google or Youtube for the recipes.

Make Use of Apps, Free Courses, Podcasts and Video Series

Stay sharp and take advantage of awesome online resources. Miss having company? Stream a TED talk or ask a friend to recommend a Podcast! Missing live gigs? Cozy up to an “NPR Tiny Desk” session via Youtube. Cook up some fresh beats with apps such as Endless and Fuser, pick up a new language with Duolingo, take on some Yale, Harvard and MIT courses through – The world is truly your oyster!
HOT TIP: For live steams from our local hero musicians and producer DJs, keep an eye on The Beat IG and FB pages.

Get playful with playlists

Find yourself a “Music Monday” pal and send over your own curated playlists, with a theme every week! On the search for new music? Check out your favourite artist’s Spotify and have an insight to what they’re tuning into.

“Marie Kondo” your life

In the midst of all this chaos, bring some order to your life. Start the healthy habit of decluttering unnecessary possessions and live by simplicity and minimalism. Start with small sections of your closet and go by the 6 month rule (*if it hasn’t been used in the past 6 months, it probably won’t be in the next). Take this time to give back and donate to local charities such as SOS Scholars of Sustenance, Jodie O’Shea House, Solemen Indonesia.

Gather the gang; Virtually!

Nothing compares to the true presence of friends – but Zoom sessions shall suffice! Challenge your mates to create crafty cocktails and set up a weekly happy hour, or motivate each other with HIIT workouts, yoga and group meditations. Run out of things to talk about? You’ll definitely giggle along with the help of online group games available on the House Party app. HOT TIP: Try some yoga with Adrienne. Search ‘Yoga with Adrienne‘ on Youtube – Or download the app, Wanna Train and get your own local personal trainer like Aliki!

Hey, make the most of your downtime. It’s not often you have an opportunity to do so many things at home and you will probably never have so much time up your sleeve like this again! (We hope so anyway!)

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