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Resident DJs are super important for the nightlife scene, whether to get the party started, to keep the party going, or just chilling on the beach, they are always in charge of the musical soundscape and how the night or day plays out. We thought we would get a few words out of some of the most prolific DJs on the island today. Starting off our Resident DJ interview series with a DJ that has been around for quite some time, Shammui! He has been making waves at all the hottest parties on the island, shaping the scene as the ultimate resident DJ and has seen the progression of Bali’s nightlife evolve over much of the last decade.
Hey Shammui, can you tell us a bit about your background?
Coming and growing up from a family of music lovers in Singapore is where all this musical journey began. I’m a very easy going person, very active person who loves the adrenalin of extreme sports. I love to be in nature, learn new things that interest me and mostly I’m passionate about music.
How and when did you first get into DJing?
I have music consistantly in my ears almost everyday. I started clubbing and raving at in my early teen and dance music has always been a part of me since then.To understand and acknowledge how beautiful music is created or produced and making people of all races from all over the world come together communicating and reacting to one language, which is music, is an amazing feeling especially when it’s a passion.It was my number 1 dream to become a DJ and years later it came true.With constant practice and the learning process with my mentor Francis back home, that’s when my professional career began.
How did you end up in Bali, and when and where did you first start DJing here?
Before I moved to Bali, I frequently visited the island to surf and enjoy the entertainment scene. I’ve always loved the music scene here and made it a goal or put it on my to do list to be doing music here. One fine day I just made up my mind, packed my bags and moved and I am still here. My 1st gig was at Eikon in Kuta, thanks to Jade, Iman Fux & Paul. That is where my musical journey here began. It was a roller coaster ride beginning I could say.
What’s the busiest regular gig you have now? And why do you think it’s busy?
The busiest gigs for me are the sunset sessions. As we all know Bali is filled with beautiful beaches and amazing sunset venues that operate everyday of the week. Everyday almost everybody makes a point to go to their favourite sunset venue/spot to enjoy the beautiful sunset to enjoy individual music of their choice. It’s a daily treat for all, thats why I reckon that they are my busiest regular gigs.
What do you think of the nightlife scene today compared to what it was like when you first arrived?
The nightlife in Bali continues to evolve and has grown to quite an impressive level. Definitely there are a lot more cool venues with new concepts, design and ideas. Also more amazing international festivals highlight the Bali entertainment scene globally. Also the music quality on the island has grown to another level.
What kind of music do you like to play out most? What are some of your favorite records right now?
I have a great passion for melodic stuff from Deep House, Deep Tech House to Techno with a twist of progressives sound with groovy bassline. Some of my favourite tracks at the moment are: Khen – Land Of Goshen (Patrice Baumel Remix), Lehar, Musumeci – Lotus and the list goes on.
How often do you go outside of Bali to spin and where is your favorite spot?
I don’t really spin a lot outside Bali. But when I do, my most favourite spot is Sandcastle in Koh Phangan at it’s a full moon party. It’s one of the biggest beach bars ever with an insane full moon vibe and energy .
What are some of the highs and lows of being a resident DJ?
Highs and lows of a resident DJ? Hmmmm. Being a resident DJ is stable and consistent as you are secured with a regular weekly gigs. But then again usually there will be a restriction to play or perform in other clubs as its a conflict of interest as they call it. And I feel that shuts you off from being able to experience various amazing venues the island has to offer. I’m sure each individual has their own reason and a different way of looking at it respectfully.
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
In five years I would say I will be travelling the world, sharing my passion for the music I produce and experiencing all the different culture and entertainment scenes.
You can catch Shammui at Rock Bar, Finns Beach Club, 707 and Jenja.


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