The Beat speaks with head honchos of the new Red Ruby 2.0 opening this week in Petitenget.
This week The Beat is talking to Elliot Shaw and James Taylor from Red Ruby 2.0, to find out what the new Red Ruby Club, which re-opened last Thursday is all about. It’s huge and it’s brand new. Red Ruby 2.0 is ready to go!

First question. Red Ruby has been closed for a few weeks, what can we expect when it reopens this weekend?
James Taylor: A complete overhaul, we’ve been working super hard to transform Red Ruby into a totally new space and experience. Both the outdoor Terrace and the club inside have been taken care of in detail with different teams of professionals: A brand new sound system aligned with a new acoustically treated room; A new design concept, very sexy, that is a tribute to New York/disco scene of the 80’s and to Grace Jones.
Yes, I was going to mention all the Grace Jones used in your promotions. I was a big fan. A big fan of the 80’s too. What kind of sound system are you packing under the hood?
James: We’ve just purchased a brand new Turbosound system.

I’m sure that will be sounding awesome. How about the decor and creature comforts? Anything new to look forward to there?
Plenty!! We’ve got new customised furniture and decor created thanks to the collaboration of Studio Valmas. A whole new lighting rig, some dedicated artwork, neon lights, and more.. It’s all about the disco.
Well, that sounds awesome and expensive! How about the Bali nightlife scene nowadays? There seems to be so many places around. How do you stand out?
Elliot: We stand out thanks to a terrace and to a night club area, to a late night restaurant, to creative cocktails, to a curated sound system and acoustics, to a line up of local talents and international surprise guests.

Do you have some special guest DJs on the way soon?
Elliot: Thanks to my previous involvement in Circoloco Ibiza you can imagine I have many contacts with agencies and DJs directly, we have several bookings that are in the pipeline, but we would prefer to announce them another moment…sorry for making you wait…
I know that James will be spinning some nights, how about you, Elliot? Will you be on the decks or just making sure everyone is having a great time?
Elliot: I am a far better dancer than DJ, I‘ve been embracing new DJ talents all my life and Bali has a lot to get excited about. The goal is to have a new sexy and curated club for showcasing the local talents and getting the established ones to play there.
Yes I have seen you cut the carpet more than once amigo! So what can we expect this weekend at the reopening of Red Ruby?
Elliot: We have five events starting from Thursday to Sunday night…..You can check on the beat online info or go here. All the events listed on our facebook page – Red Ruby.
OK guys, that’s about it. Thanks for joining this LIVE interview and good luck for the opening weekend.
James: Thank you!! See you on the weekend!


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