Phil Stoodley Releases new track and goes viral.. This is Home

Phil Stoodley has been playing his music around Bali for the last few years. You may have seen him in beach clubs, hotels, bars, or even the beat cafe. He released a new song and video last week, which is called This is Home and we thought we’d catch up with him live on Facebook and find out what the song is all about and more. This interview was a groundbreaking first for us and probably anywhere!
1st question. What influenced your new song Phil Stoodley? It sounds pretty country.
Love my Johnny Cash and I seem to organically be going down the Folk/Country/Blues style road with my writing at the moment. So I’ll keep cruising in this direction for a bit I think.
It also sounds a bit Paul Kelly-esk. Who was one of my Aussie faves. So what’s the song about?
Thanks I’ll take that!
After missing my sleeper train from Goa to Delhi in India, I had to jump on an insanely overcrowded midnight run to get back to my destination. 48 hours of hard travel!
I thought it had some Bali connotations. Or is that just the video?
Yes its a very ‘Bali’ music video. Even though the song is predominantly about India, there is a little bit of Bali woven into the song.
It’s a great song and video. Is it all from you (I know how much you love those loop machines) or are others involved ?
Some of the recording was done in my home studio and the rest at Seminyak Pro Studio (Bali). Yes I do a lot of live looping when I play gigs. But not really on this song. I was lucky enough to have Zio and Denny from Dialog Dini Hari play on the track. Did an amazing job! The track was mixed in London.
Yes it sounds like a top production indeed. How many tracks have you recorded before and how does this one compare to those?
My last album I recorded everything in my home studio back in New Zealand. Then sent it away to be mixed. This time around the bulk of the recording was done at Seminyak Pro. They have some really nice gear there. Recorded the piano track there with Bob Nicksic (owner of Taco Beach Grill, Seminyak). He put a nice sparkle on the track.
I wasn’t aware Bob was so handy on keyboards. Now where did you learn how to ride a hipster bike like that and the gecko? Was that a spontaneous moment in Rachel Love’s garden or planned?
Yup Bob used to be a pretty big time music producer in the US back in the day. I love his old school feel. I was actually gonna use Athron’s bike but it broke down on the day. Luckily my directors mate lent me his! All my older brothers had bikes growing up, so I dabbled a bit. Ha ha that gecko was overdubbed at my request. Shhhh don’t tell anyone!
So what does a recording artist expect releasing a track nowadays and where is home now for you?
Expectations… hmmm, I try not to get attached to any. I just pull the pin and hope for the best! Home has been Bali for the past couple of years.
Good luck with the new track Phil. It’s good enough to go all the way. Thanks for joining our first ever live interview on Facebook…. not sure how many people are following but maybe they’ll catch up later! Cheers bro. Any last words?
Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. I’ll be plucking some tunes at Alila Seminyak, Sundara and Sundays this week. Anyone listening, come on down for a Bintang or five and say hi.
This interview was conducted live on Facebook on the day of the single release, Nov 21, 2017.


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