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Introducing the newest addition to Canggu’s fitness community, Odyssey Mvmt. Opened to the public in mid June and hosted the Grand Opening on July 13th, 2018 – the gym presents itself with an exciting concept, Odyssey Mvmt opened its doors with some fresh, out of the box programs. For starter, go both ways they say.. (Ok let me explain)
Everything they do at Odyssey focuses on functional and mindful movement. Their signature class called Shipwreck for example, is a class where you will be guided through 30 minutes of functional fitness training with resistant bands only in partners followed by a 30 minute nice and strong Flow yoga and 15 minutes of Savasana to cool you down. Upon finishing, you will be handed a nice lavender scented cold towel to re-energize.
The programs they run consist of seven different types, ranging from High intensity interval training (HIIT) using body weight to power training using different weights such as kettle bell, battle ropes etc. Join their Lift class for a high intensity resistance training session and Momentum class for powerful resistance training session. if you like boxing, try their Strike class which is boxing/kickboxing class consisting of padwork, techniques and conditioning work. Other classes such as Symmetry class feature some unilateral workouts.

Odyssey’s approach to training efficiency is next level, turn up any time between 7-10am in the morning or 4-7pm in the afternoon on weekdays and you can get a 45 minute class led by a Trainer which is completely safely instructed, so make sure to arrive 45 minutes before the class ends! The amount of people they can have at stations at one time is 20 people. 10 rounds with two people per station to work with a partner, help each other while the Trainer helps along the way. Only morning class available is on Saturday and Sunday.
Their dedicated Yoga studio has a capacity of up to 35 people, offering a variety of Yoga classes daily with Vinyasa Flow as their main focus. Yin yoga as well as Align & Hatha Yoga classes are also available. Yoga practice at Odyssey incorporates a lot of music that was designed mindfully. They do fun collaborations and feature a live production DJ at their Sunday afternoon Yin class and Friday night‘s Vinyasa flow.
Their functional fitness space equipped with a mixture of free weights, boxing bags, pull up bars, medicine balls, kettle bells, dumbbells and more which are designed to work functionally and practically due to its size. Again, at Odyssey Mvmt – efficiency is key.

“Bumpy roads lead to beautiful places“ as artistically presented in their mural by the talented Cosmic Wasabi. This phrase remains true for Odyssey Mvmt, not only is the gym located at the shortcut (yep, that iconic Canggu shortcut), it also resonates with the story behind the start up.
Odyssey Mvmt Founder Erin, has been coming to Bali 2-3 times a year in the last eight years as it’s the one place where she can do all the things she loves such as surfing, diving, yoga and a little bit of dance here and there. Erin and a friend were trying to find a yoga class one day and couldn’t find one that she loved so she decided to go ahead and look for a place until she came across this space and her heart instantly knew it was the one. Nick, who is a good friend, messaged her at that very same day she found the space, asking for recommendations about Bali prior to his planned visit to the island.

It was clearly destiny for them both to be interlinked at that particular moment. Nick who came from a sports professional background and has been in the fitness industry for 10 years, went through some challenging circumstances as his visa application didn’t come through – and so did his Bali bound plan to unwind and do some adventure while planning on his next game plan. Little did he know, Bali was calling him for something bigger. Nick was Erin’s favorite Personal Trainer while in Australia, they also have been working on other projects together in the past and the synchronicity between them that day was a clear sign she couldn’t resist that Nick and herself were at the right place at the right time and meant to be reunited to work and build a heart centered business in paradise.
And here they are, Odyssey Mvmt’s Director of happiness, Erin and Nick, Director of sweat together with solid team members Ashleigh, director of connection who is also the studio manager and Joe, Director of fun – opening their doors and letting people in to try the fun, out of the box way of training where going both ways in fitness and mindfulness is made possible so that people can get out and have adventures of their own and make the most of every moment.
Open from 7am to 8pm everyday, Odyssey Mvmt offers a variety of both drop in and unlimited memberships option. They also have a selection of local supplies such as clothing, active wear and more at their boutique on site and if coffee is what you need, go get a cup at their cafe.
Odyssey Mvmt Bali
Jl. Subak Canggu, Bali 80361


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