The days where gymnastics was a completely separated world from the rest have long gone, more and more people have started to embrace the advantage of athletic benefit of gymnastics, and amazing news for all of us in Bali – the wait is finally over!
In March 2018, Ian and Jonson opened Nirvana Strength – their brand new fitness and educational center in Bali. Situated in the heart of Canggu – a prime destination for fitness and wellness retreats on the island, Nirvana is fully equipped with the best, highest quality equipment and placed itself to be Bali’s next first class fitness facility and here are reasons why.

Jonson and Ian, met through a mutual friend and share a great love of providing high quality performance training in both Gymnastic Strength Training and Olympic Weightlifting. They are a great compliment to each other and provide a greater balance in body. The combination along with their recovery center will better train any athlete in any sport to be better with regards to their specific sport needs.
According to Ian, Nirvana Strength was the result of wanting to provide real coaching to adults using an incredibly progressive system. The results in performance are second to none, Ian says. Your body should be a result or by-product of your training and by focusing on your health, relative strength, flexibility and mobility (the ability to express strength throughout your entire range of motions) you will get unbelievable results that will keep you feeling healthier and younger than ever.
My first session at Nirvana was amazing in so many levels, with approximately 11 years of never ending learning experience as a fitness professional myself – I have tried many different trainings and the class with Ian turned out to be that last piece of the puzzle I’ve been searching for. Nothing more exciting to a fitness enthusiast than a well thought out training class led by a knowledgeable coach. The class started with Ian guiding us through the basic fundamentals. One of the things we worked on in the class that day was performing a chin up hold in the top position for a required 5 sets of 60 seconds with 30 seconds over a grip bent lean on the stall bar as recovery in between sets. As simple as it might have looked, much to my surprise performing an iso-hold for that long was a total savage to say the least. I guess I figured one of my weaknesses. Though we all tend to avoid working on the weak side – it doesn’t work that way at Nirvana, this is the place where mastering the basics is a must, a place for everyone to up their game by first learning about their body and acknowledging that first we must be willing to work on our weaknesses rather than skipping them as part of the process of mastering amazing athletic skills. I was totally amazed with how much the class Ian led taught me about my body and how rejuvenated I felt after the class, certainly not a common feeling you experience often after a training session.
Nirvana covers all the bases and all classes are focusing on mastering the basics first. They offer a progressive system of gymnastic strength training and Olympic weight lifting classes for both beginners and advanced students based on progressive exercises to create long, lean strong muscles. Over 70 fitness classes are being offered from Essentials, Mobility, Flexibility, Movement, Gymnastic Intro, Gymnastic Conditioning Essentials, Gymnastics Intermediate, Handstands intro, Rings intro and many more – all performed with attention to detail through knowledgeable programming to get your fitness to the next level.

Their facilities are as state of the art as the coaching and programs. The spacious gym has all the highest quality equipment such as stall bars, ring bars with gymnastic flooring specially installed to meet the highest standard – they also have the best weight lifting platform I’ve ever seen on the island, the restaurant have everything you need to fuel you both pre or post workout. No that’s not all, they have EMS lounge and Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers beside other recovery amenities such as dipping pool, dry sauna, ice bath as well as hot bath – now that’s world class!
Nirvana’s intelligent programming, knowledgeable coaches with fantastic facilities to match has made it a perfect place to both train and recover, it’s suitable for everyone with any fitness level and abilities wanting a complete fitness package.
If you are weight lifting enthusiasts, you don’t want to miss their upcoming event : a two day seminar with a world champion Zhang Jie on June 2 – 9, 2018, where you will get to train with this former Chinese World Champion and the current Singapore National Team Coach. It is the first time a Chinese champion will coach the Chinese methodology outside of China.
Words don’t do justice to explain how amazing Nirvana is, you must come and see for yourself as there is so much more to it and if you want to try the classes, this is the best time as they still have 10% OFF of the all access Membership (ends May 31, 2018).
Nirvana Strength Bali
Jl. Pantai Berawa, Tibubeneng,
North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali
+62-813 6231 5149


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