Music Mondays: Todays Renaissance

Music Mondays

This edition of Music Mondays we catch up with Gilang aka @todaysrenaissance from @pnny_. An eclectic DJ with a plethora of vibes and flavours, he’s picked out three of his favorite tracks for us and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


1st –Dialog Dini Hari – Hyena

“Just literally found out about it 20mins ago and its a banger!”

2nd –Imogen Heap – Hide and seek

”Just re-discovered this track a couple of days ago, it was easily my top 10 most played tracks in 2006-2007 coz of the oc haha”.

3rd –Teardrop – Masive Attack

“Played a huge part of my musical growth. I think it was if not the first, the second cassette ive ever owned, it just never gets old.”

Which is your favorite out of these? Tell us in the comments!


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