Music Mondays: Thess Fischer

This week we bring you some sounds from one of the most in-demand female DJs in Asia, DJ/vocalist & producer, Thess Fischer. Sit back and enjoy this deep and melodic selection and teleport yourself to a dancefloor somewhere around the world. Check out what she had to say about her three favourite tracks as of right now.


“This track has meant a lot to me during these last few months as it became my livestream soundtrack on Twitch with my community there. So much emotions in it and any time I listen to it now it makes me smile. It’s a very atmospheric & beautiful track.”

“Brings back memories from beginning of this year in Tulum right before all went down and I was at the Mayan warrior party and Oliver Koletzki dropped this insane track. I lose it every time with that aggressive melody sound and deep kick drum.”



“I call this one the Gizmo track, cause first time I heard it, it reminded me of the Gremlins movie and the little sound Gizmo makes when he tries to sing haha. It’s a really nice deep house track mixed perfectly for a summer sunset and It’s been on repeat for the last couple of weeks on my Spotify.”

Check out the full tracks in our Link Tree and tell us which of these beauties is your fave in the comments below!


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