Music Mondays: Theo Radennata

Theo Radennata is one of the valued DJs amongst the PNNY crew who run the local clubbing scene in Bali. Theo is known for his musical versatility but his dark, banging sets are a must-watch – his experimentation and creativity makes for insanely grooving dance floors. His tracks emote that dark side, put your headphones on and delve in.


Francois x is one of the artists I’m really looking up to sound design wise, and I was lucky enough to talk with him through the internet until I got the chance to witness his special 4 hour set, we talked and he put me on his mailing list, send me some unreleased tracks from his label Demented record, super chill guy.


Been listening to Bambounou since ‘paris music club’ a compilation by Clek Clek Boom records along with my other favorite artist NSDOS from Paris. “Kosovo hardcore” is one of the tracks from his release Parameter Perkusja, which I asked him personally to bring me the t-shirt merchandise all the way from Paris, and he did. And was so much fun to see him live, full of energy!


Co-founder from one of my fav labels Perlon records. The visuals this track gives me are so vivid, it haunts my soul, that’s why I put this track for people to share the same experience I have had hahaha, a really good track indeed.

Let us know which one of these you like in the comments below!


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