Music Mondays: Jay Mugelli

Jay Mugelli is an Italian DJ known around the island for his rocking minimal house sets. Previously Melbourne based, Jay has made his way through the scene with relentless force and pure passion for the industry. Here we have three of his favorite tracks as of right now, hope you enjoy them as much as we do..



“Two legends of the underground music scene, which I got lots of respect for, that joined forces to make one the best edit ever. The track they edit is an absolute classic of Chaka Khan-Ain’t Nobody…
Heard the track for the first time been played by my fav trio-artist APOLLONIA , in a live set at sunwaves festival….. a must listen!”



“One of the best uprising artists of the last few years in my opinion. This guy just takes inspiration from every music genre, which mainly goes from house to techno!! Got supported by massive artist and crews (ex. Jamie Jones, perlon crew). The track is structured around a massive breakdown, using pads and lead element that makes it really interesting… been playing this track for a while and it never disappoints!!”


“Founder of more than one label even tho if probably know mostly for his new and last one Eastenderz. East and dubs it’s definitely my favorite producer at the moment… his music is characterized by massive baselines that are driving each song. The relentless groove stirs energy and early hype across dance floors. Every ep. it’s fire, I had the pleasure of watching him perform in live many times, the guy just can’t do wrong! I think in the underground music scene it’s one of the artists that got the biggest support (Martinez brother, Jamie’s Jones, Marco carola, Richie Hamed just to name a few!) Hope you enjoy his music as much as I do!”

Let us know which one of these is your favorite in the comments below!


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