Music Mondays: El Didion

A legend on the Bali club circuit! El Didion (@el_didion_superfrogz) plays for crowds all over town with his driving progressive sound and high energy sets. Here he goes in depth into his selections for us… enjoy!



“This guy is just a genious of music. He lives, sleeps and eats in his studio with his crazy modular synths. An absolute music geek. No interest in star system, this artist breathes only for music. This track has this amazing Middle East touch that I love so much but stays groovy and is doing the job on any dance floor. If you don’t have enough with this track, just check out his beautiful recent live act for Cercle Music in front of the Pyramids in Cairo. A masterpiece!!”



“Oxia’s track is an all times house and techno classic. Once you get this melody in your ears, you won’t get rid of it for the whole day. The way german mega talented duo Frankey & Sandrino remixed this track is just mind-blowing ! These guys are magicians, turning everything they touch into gold! I love this hypnotic vibe, the way they bring you slowly to a trance state by obsessive repetition of a pattern. It’s the antique recipe of african tribal music and the essence of techno. I love to sometimes finish my dj sets with this awesome track!”


“Something more recent, Massano is a growing talent in the Melodic Techno and Progressive House scene. In this track it’s all about this insane drop in the middle and the climax when the beat hits back. This is for me the absolute dance floor killer and people getting crazy and uncontrollable and it’s exactly what I love about djing. The only thing I can’t understand when I play it and I see everybody losing their minds is why I never heard any other dj playing this track ?? Maybe it was only made for me 😅!!!”

Let us know which one of these is your favorite in the comments below!


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