Music Mondays: Aim Hannah

Aim Hannah recently became one of the busiest resident DJs in the Canggu area. Her versatility and energy on the decks is always a delight to witness live. Check out her favorite tracks as of right now

1st – Sandii & The Sunsetz – Where The Fire Still Burns

“Early 80s are brilliant for me because of synthpop. This Japanese band presents synthpop in an unusual way. It takes elements of post-punk vocals and combines experimental synths with traditional Native American and Japanese music. It’s crazy.. Takes me so far!”.

2nd – Kraftwerk – Neon Lights

“Ahh these guys are the roots of what we call “Electronic Music”. Learning history of music is a secret place where I get my inspiration. When you see Kraftwerk performing live in their robotic costumes.. Electronic music is not about getting wasted, is about making art quantized)”.

3rd – Middle Sky Boom – Figo’s Gel

“In terms of electronic music I would say that Dark Disco is what makes me feel myself on the DJ boost. Rock field, bright and catchy synths, live drum rhythms that makes it not just “boom boom music”. Always takes me to the past where I was not even born) I travel through time with this music, that’s insane!”

Which is your favorite out of these? Tell us in the comments!


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