LXXY held their Soft Opening last Saturday night in downtown Kuta. It is a 3.5 floor building, with a restaurant, nightclub and dayclub. It’s new, exciting and sure to bring some new life to central Kuta. And that’s gotta be good for everyone!
The day club complete with swimming pool could well become the place to be during the day and the club itself is spacious, clean and pumping.
We are speaking LIVE with the new General Manager, Budi about what we can expect at LXXY Bali (on Facebook last week)

How are you today Budi?
Hello! I’m doing great!
That’s awesome. You must be happy after all that work to finally get LXXY open. How long has it been since you first started building?
Yes, we are all very happy to get the party started over at LXXY Bali. We started building nearly a year and a half ago.
A long time in the making. So, tell us a little bit about the club. What’s happening on those 3.5 floors?
Upon entering thru LXXY’s main doors you’ll find a Bistro & Bar on the ground floor serving Spanish cuisine and playing some fresh Hiphop & R&B music. Our second floor features our Nightclub & VIP Lounge that will soon feature some of the world’s top DJ’s (including Cheat Codes and CADE as well as several other exhilarating events). Once you reach our rooftop you’ll find the Dayclub. Which we’ll be launching this Saturday with Bondax. Here we feature wild pool party events, our Spanish Buffet every sunset from 4pm-8pm.
So there is a Spanish theme in the cuisine? How about the mezzanine floor overlooking the main club dance floor, what goes on there?
Yes, our Bistro & Bar on the ground floor serves a different menu from our rooftop buffet. The Mezzanine area is the VIP Lounge. Here guests can indulge in proper VIP service featuring private security, terrace, and bar service while enjoying an overlooking balcony view of the entire nightclub.
What’s the music style of each floor? And how about the operational hours?
We’re catering to every part of your day as well as different music tastes. Our Bistro & Bar features mostly RnB, moombahton, and hiphop. The nightclub features RnB, hiphop, EDM mashups, and trap. Then our rooftop Dayclub features house, deep house, tech house, and future house. The Bistro & Bar is open from 11am-late. The Nightclub is open 9pm-late. The Dayclub is open from 11am-late. It’s all open 7 days a week and there’s also an abundance of parking next door to the venue.
Sounds like a good mix of music and food. Any special offers/promos punters should be thinking about? And how about big events? Anything coming soon?
Besides our all you can eat sunset Spanish buffet for 99k+ from 4pm-8pm our entrance was free of charge until Thursday last week. Friday May 4th, we’ll have Cheat Codes & CADE in for 200k FDC. Saturday May 5th we’ll have Bondax in the Dayclub for a Sexy Pool Party launch.
That sounds like a blast. What kind of people are you going for on those three floors?
We’re opening our doors to Bali’s visiting party goers looking to get everything they possibly can out of their trip to Bali as well as embrace and welcome our community of socially active experience seeking locals and expats.
Well I hope everyone gets down to LXXY and tries it out soon. It’s great for Kuta and the Bali nightlife…. The more the merrier! Thank you for your time, Budi and good luck with continuing success of the club.
Cheers! Hope to catch you at LXXY Bali soon!


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