Kai Suteja

Kai Suteja aka @urmumsyadad is a Canggu resident that’s known around town for his funny Instagram videos and launch of the biggest festival last high season, Gypsylands. The D-grade millennial Instagram star can be spotted at his natural habitats, which include Crate Café, Give Café and anything on the newly bustling Padang Lingjong strip. We caught up with Kai for a chat about what’s cool in the Gu and what new projects are coming up in the horizon.

What’s up Kai? Let’s start with brekky. What are your favorite spots?
Slightly bias to CRATE it’s my mums place which definitely has its perks.

How long have you been vegan and do you think Bali/Canggu is an ideal place to be vegan?
Three years – It’s probably harder to be a carnivore in Canggu.

Walk us through a typical day in Canggu.
Well… you wake up, ride ya honda 70 cub to a café ask for the Wi-Fi password, whip out your laptop and do digital nomad sh!t. This basically involves you finger bashing your keyboard, talking about bitcoin and how you’re an entrepreneur starting either a swim wear or jewellery label.

What are your thoughts on the constant development in the area?
It is what it is, the island survives off tourism. Back in the day it used to be Deus Sunday’s, that was the biggest thing in the GU. You’d rock up with a top bun and some chewing tobacco and listen to some live music. Nowadays there’s a banquet of options.

How ‘bout the nightlife scene. Where do you like to party in Canggu?

Let’s talk a bit about Gypsylands. Where did the idea come from?
The festival emerged out of the boredom of the current scene. Bali nightlife is an ever-repeating routine. There was inspiration to do something different, something special – an immersive interactive environment that was more than just music.

Talk to us about the Gypsy Land Spooky Party?
It was amazing. I mean how many people can say they threw a doof in their old kindergarten? We went hard on the set design but people went even harder on the costume. It was very refreshing to see such a stand out effort from everyone. I myself went as a boujee clown but was completely out done by most of the crowd. It’s the people that make the party and I hope we can continue building this amazing network of humans that are just down to doof… Let the dress ups and dancing continue!

What new projects are you bringing to the island?
We’re entering 2049 this NYE! It’s a futuristic party set at an abandoned plane on the roof of a four story building with capacity for 5,000 guests.

It’s called 2049 because I’ve always wanted to do a Blade Runner inspired theme. The original Blade Runner film is set in the year 2019, the actual year we’ll be entering! And the newly released film is called Blade Runner 2049, hence calling it 2049. I’ve been sitting on this theme for awhile and it seems quite serendipitous that this has occurred.

You can expect a bunch of tech shit, neon lights, 3D projections, fireworks and a whole lot of razzle dazzle. Gate 88 NYE.

Keep your eyes peeled, there will be plenty of Gypsy stuff on the way next year, too.


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