Inside The Vault

A new club called Vault opened two weeks ago at the back and below the Tamora retail complex on the main road in Berawa. It was a large, well-attended opening that kicked off a new phase in the life of Canggu, namely nightlife. The (literally) underground club is only open Friday and Saturday at the moment and is playing house music on Fridays and a hip hop mix on Saturdays and according to one of the three owners, Harmen, the venue can fit up to 1200 people. Now, that’s no small club! There’s a cocktail bar next door, too, also underground, called the Cocktail Bunker which is open seven nights a week. We asked Harmen a few more questions while we had him on the line and the first was what the Vault concept was all about? “Vault was created purely to form a place/haven for a true music experience. We wanted an underground raw feel that focused on the music. Something the island has been missing we felt. A place that can go until whatever hours and not bother or stir up the neighbourhood nor community.”

So how about Berawa and Canggu, is it ready for an underground club? “We believe so, yes. The area has grown so much in recent years and the nightlife is booming.”

Who designed Vault? “Well our architect and designers, Kiko and Nico from El Colectivo Studio are from Barcelona and Chile, but the other partners and I played a big roll too. We have been planning this since mid-2017.”

We asked music director, Ben Pound, if they are going to have many international DJs or keeping it local? “Bit of a mix but supporting the local underground scene.”

Vault is now open. Be sure to experience the pumping sounds and underground style of this new player in Berawa.

Cocktail Bunker
7 days a week from 9pm
Vault Club
Friday & Saturday from 10pm

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