Fedde Le Grand – Bigger than Ever

Fedde le Grand will be spinning his hit music and more at Sky Garden on Boxing Day, Dec 26 and it should be one of the big shows to kick off the NYE High Season on Bali. He’s a prolific producer and international star DJ of the highest calibre, touring the world’s biggest festivals with the biggest names in the business. We had a chance to catch up with Fedde Le Grand (That’s his real name by the way) last week before he got to Bali.

Question 1. Coming to the end of 2018, what are some of the year’s most memorable moments for you? Which of the festivals you played at this year really stood out to you?
Wow. That’s a difficult question! As always the year went by in a flash! I enjoyed Miami Music Week a lot, with Ultra being an absolute highlight! I’ve played quite a few shows in Mexico this year which has been very nice. My Asia tour in June was stacked with massive shows – especially Ultra Korea, which was just absolutely mental and to top it off I could stay a few days extra sightseeing in Seoul to shoot a music video together with my buddy Raiden so that was really fun! My European summer tour literally never gets old and is just the most fun including massive shows like Tomorrowland, Ultra Europe, Palmesus, Parookaville, Untold, Creamfields. I mean, I’m just so grateful and overwhelmed still by continuously being a part of such amazing events. I could go on to name many many more, but one thing out of the ordinary has been the amount of helicopter rides this year…. Somehow there were a lot of shows where I needed to be flown from one stage to the next! The most special may have been the Dutch National celebratory day remembering being freed from the Germans after WO II. This year I was asked to be one of the Ambassadors of Freedom, which was a very special honour I have to say. And of course, not to forget and crediting this honour 100% to my fans is ending up #22 in this years’ DJ Mag Top 100, the same position I entered in 2007 right after Detroit taking off by storm. The only thing that wasn’t cool for the first time ever I had to deal with an untrustworthy jet company who simply decided not to show up leaving me stuck in Belgium after Tomorrowland, so I wasn’t able to make it out to Sunrise in Poland anymore. I’ve rarely ever been as upset as I was at that moment when I arrived at the airport only to learn there was no plane 🙁

Well, I guess you won’t be flying that mob again. In terms of production, what normally inspires you to start a new track?
I don’t need inspiration to start a new track. I think, I’m literally always in the studio when I get the chance! I love fiddling around and there are pretty much always ideas I want to work on, whether it’s a new topline that I feel super inspired by, a remix or a groove that’s stuck in my head and needs out!

Do you ever use samples from other tracks or mainly stick to your own synths when creating an original tune?
I definitely use samples but mainly vocals, I always have such a clear idea of what I want and feel working with a record, that it’s easier for me to work with an existing vocal, whether it’s a pre-recorded topline or an existing vocal bit from somewhere, I have full control of how it turns out and that works well for me.

Name us some of your favorite locations to play in and why?
Club Yalta in Sofia Bulgaria, which is a very cool place where I can play extended more underground sets which I love. Palmesus which is a festival in Norway that I’ve had the absolute pleasure to play yearly almost since the beginning, it’s very special to see an event and organisation grow as they do and the team is awesome. Untold in Romania is just out of this world. There really isn’t a way to describe it, it’s huge and has such an amazing vibe. But I could just continue and continue, I mean my love for Ultra will never end! I think it’s amazing how they’ve been able to expand into so many markets with such great success and it really is a family traveling no matter where in the world you play an Ultra event. Tomorrowland, Parookaville, they are all just magical in their own right.

What do you prefer?

Big Festival or small club?

Old school trance or modern EDM?
I’ve never been too much of a trance guy, so I’d have to say EDM.

Amsterdam or Ibiza?
Ibiza because of the weather 🙂

Instagram or Facebook?

Married or single?

I recall you played at the Pacha gig in the middle of last year here in Bali. Have you been to Bali much before?
Yes I did! I’ve not been too often in recent years, so I’m very happy to return right before the New Year 🙂

If you were to name three of your own productions that round up your musical style, what would they be?
Why are you giving me such hard questions?! Hahaha, I think I’d say Back N Forth, Let Me Think About It (Celebration Mix), Coco’s Miracle and Rhythm Of The Night… (Yes, I sneaked in a 4th one ;))

You see, it wasn’t so hard.. I see on your Instagram you are a bit of an action man; sports cars, helicopters, learjets, what’s the best part of being Fedde Le Grand?
To be honest, the best thing about being me are my fans! They’ve allowed me to continue to follow my passion for all these years, giving me the freedom to grow and develop both as an artist as well as a person. I’ve never felt limited to sticking to any too narrow of a sound, but felt completely free to explore any creative tendency I’ve had throughout the years. For that I’m eternally grateful.

What are you looking forward to in 2019? Anything exciting you’d like to share?
I’m working on a few very cool new tracks, some collabs in the works and another fun remix project, so for as far as I can share yet, mainly cool new music! (and some other stuff but keeping that to myself for now ;))

Don’t miss Fedde Le Grand spinning live at Sky Garden, Wednesday, Dec 26.


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