Face / Place by Thearosa: Miller’s Records

Denny / Miller’s Records

Meet Denny of Miller’s Records; an independently curated music store nestled in a quaint, quiet corner of Umalas – a sanctum for music enthusiasts to tune into their world and dive deep into a sonic search.

The memories of my first visit to Miller’s has always left an impression on me, having Denny and his partner warmly welcome all in to their haven of enthusiasm, sharing their passion and zest of discovery amongst their well-arranged collections of music.

I spent a good afternoon in awe… gasping and squealing from albums of artists that I thought I’d never physically come across (Bali problems!), to finding projects that friends abroad were involved in, to foreign genre gems that sparked such creative curiosity in me.

Deeply grateful to share this interview with you today.

– Thearosa

– – – – – – – – –

Hey Mas Denny!

Let’s start from the beginning… Where are you from and how did you end up in Bali?

Hi Thearosa! I was born and raised in Bandung, West Java. I ended up in Bali to set up the location of our physical store, mainly because it’s a very vibrant and creative environment with a melting pot from people from all over the world.

What ignited your love of records and how did it encourage you to start your store?

Collecting physical music has been a life long passion of mine since junior high school. I’ve been collecting cassettes, CD’s, DVD’s and vinyl’s ever since.

It’s all about the experience, how the excitement builds when you hold the records in your hands for the very first time, the moment the needle hits the record and how the music fills the room… It’s a completely different experience from just having a space in your hard drive.

Do you remember the first vinyl you ever purchased?

Talking Heads – True Stories!

Do you have any sentimental personal collections?

The Cure – Just Like Heaven 12” Single UK 1987

My brother gave the record to me, which was left by his old roommate. It was gifted long before I owned a turntable, since I couldn’t afford one back then. Though I always kept that record with me for years knowing that one day I’d own a turntable (and better yet, a record store!)

The beauty of record stores is not only in their collections, but also in the store’s character itself. How would you describe or envision Miller’s?

I envision Miller’s as a well-curated record store… an idyllic musical sanctuary to while away the hours. I wanted our collection to be diverse, while you are less likely to find many current top 40 or oldies here, you will discover the best in indie and obscure music!

If you were confined to one album for the rest of your life, which album would it be and why?

Weezer – Blue Album
This album has proven to stand the test of time since its release over 25 years ago. It’s the perfect power pop albums of all time, with fantastic hooks, melodies, and infectious guitar riffs that make you wanna amp your air guitar and go wild!

What’s the Indonesian “record store day” experience like for you and what preparations go into it?

To me, Record Store Day is a celebration for independent stores and customers. The core of RSD is to highlight our community and experiences, to create an event where sellers, collectors, music lovers, and performers can meet, share their passion for music and discover new records.

Where’s a dream travel destination for a music enthusiast like yourself?

Definitely Japan. There’s never a lack of record stores in Japan (they have over 300 record stores). It’s fascinating to see how collecting physical records has stayed alive in Japan, despite their modernization and tech forward culture. I can spend a whole day alone in one record store in Tokyo, which has eight stories with genres specialization on each level! Crazy!

Bali in three words?
Beautiful, exotic, creative.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone that’s looking into living the “Bali Dream”?

When the opportunity comes knocking, seize the moment.
Before moving out, I was in the stage of life where I felt pretty common. I was living the default setting of life, where everything felt mediocre. Life is pretty great right now, I get to live in Bali and do something that I’m truly passionate about!

Instagram: @millersrecordsbali
Tokopedia: @millersrecords

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