Beat Treats: Dimday Donuts

For this week’s Beat Treats we’re stoked to introduce Dimday Donuts! A fresh find for treat seekers created by Indonesian Youngsters Dimas and Anabella. Having just launched in May, the team have kindly sent over their fried donut goodies of high demand!

Cold Brew Coffee 28k

(photos: @lenterra @bonjoabadi)

Dimday’s Cold Brew is precedent of Indonesia’s current coffee hype! With it’s classic glass bottle packaging, this bad boy is sure to serve every coffee enthusiast for a much needed pick – me – up. Dimday’s Cold Brew is made from Arabica beans sourced from Aceh that feature a smooth yet bold and fuller flavor – a less bitter, flavor – amplified Americano!



Salted Caramel ( 45k for 4 pieces – 85k for 8 pieces)

We love the salty – sweet take on this Salted Caramel donut. Its frosting friendly crunch on top of Dimday’s signature soft and buttery donut will have you completely indulged. Its frosting has a similar consistency to a thicker glazed donut, though it’s definitely not too caramel forward and not too salty either!



PB & J ( 45k for 4 pieces – 85k for 8 pieces)

(photos: @lenterra @bonjoabadi)
Dimday donuts were crafted using Dimas’ Mother’s recipes in hope to create childhood nostalgia for their customers. Their PB & J donut sure gave our senses a warm and loving throwback to simpler times! A wonderful smooth and savory peanut butter toping, fresh strawberry garnish and home made banana strawberry jam filling.



S’mores ( 45k for 4 pieces – 85k for 8 pieces)

My oh my – Brace yourself for this chocolate haven.
The S’mores donut showcased a luscious dark chocolate glaze with toasted marshmallow toppings, a sinfully delicious and gooey warm donut. If you’re a chocoholic, this one is a decadent delight for the eyes and the soul.


Coffee Crunch ( 45k for 4 pieces – 85k for 8 pieces)

(photos: @lenterra @bonjoabadi)

When you specialize in donuts and coffee, it’s a no brainer to merge the two into one epic treat. The Coffee Crunch flaunts a gorgeously thick, sweet coffee glaze, and coffee filling that is blended with a shot of espresso, a glorious grainy crunch and notes of white chocolate. We love it!

All in all, Dimday donuts make for a wholesome dessert, especially crafted to uplift your spirit during this tough time. You can mix and match flavors to select in your order!

Check out their full menu at: @dimday.donuts or through Delivery partners (Go-food / Grab – food)

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