Beat Treats: Dang! Cookies

Got the quarantine munchies?

Introducing our newest feature; “Beat Treats”, where we review tasty treats crafted by homemade artisans and small businesses around the Island! We’ll be releasing one every Saturday and hope these lead you to your next favorite snack!

When scouting for classic comfort desserts, cookies are what come to mind – and all the hype brought us to the notorious; Dang Cookies (@dang.cookies)
They generously sent over a dozen cookies and man, did we have fun reviewing their 6 flavors featured on their “OG” line. Check out our flavor break down:

1.)  “Lulu” – Nutella  (35k for a box of 2)

Lulu is the cookie that dances in decadence. This sinfully hearty cookie holds a homemade nutella-esque silky spread in a soft chewy center and minimally crumbly exterior. It’s baked to perfection with an ooey – gooey texture sure to leave you with that insta-worthy pull apart shot!

2.) “Rocky” – Chocolate Chunk  (35k for a box of 2)

Oh my word, it’s love at first bite.. Hands down one of the best “classic” chocolate chip cookies we’ve tried in Bali. Imagine all the nostalgic, fragrant flavors of your favorite childhood chocolate chip, amplified. This cookie will understand you, it’s the kind of cookie you deserve by your side to accompany coffees, midnight cravings, break ups, the best and worst of days. Perfection. A celebration of simplicity. 10/10.


3.) “Bella” – Dark Fudge  (35k for a box of 2)

Two words; Gourmet goodness. Bella is a dark fudge delight and best described as a cookie – brownie hybrid, sprinkled with sea salt which layers incredibly well amongst its seductively deep and rich chocolatey flavors.

4.) “James” –  Walnuts (35k for a box of 2)

Generous amounts of walnuts on a buttery, crisp edged chocolate chip cookie? Sign us up. James is a gem of a cookie on the island and a sure win for peanut dessert lovers! The earthy walnuts serve as James’ top flavor, following comforting hints of vanilla and chocolate chunks.


5.) “Wesley” – Peanut Butter (35k for a box of 2)

Another one for peanut dessert lovers is “Wesley”, a peanut buttery beauty which has a great soft chew and a brittle taste to it too –  just like the Butter Fingers candy bar! Peanut butter and chocolate make a classic combo sure to leave both your sweet and savory cravings satisfied.

6.) Russell – Snickers (35k for a box of 2)

Russell makes for an indulgent cookie. If you’ve got a massive sweet tooth, this one’s for you! It’s a hybrid between the previously mentioned “Rocky” and “Wesley”, featuring at least a quarter of a snickers bar in there!

Overall, Dang Cookies was worthy of their hype and blew us away. Cookies did fabulously re – heated and didn’t harden over time. A must try during iso-season!

Order through their Instagram: @dang.cookies


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