The Beat Awards 2017


The Beat Awards 2017

The results are in from The Beat Awards 2017 with Sky Garden and Jenja being the big winners while new-comers Opivm are given the nod from the over 5000 voters in this year’s election of the best of Bali nightlife awards. The presentation was held with a full house at Bang Bang, the new live music and DJ room at Sky Garden last night, Friday April 7.
The results are as follows.
Best Rooftop Bar
1st Place – Sky Garden Rooftop
2nd Place – Doublesix Rooftop
3rd Place – Trans Hotel Rooftop
Best Beach Club
1st Place – Finns Beach Club
2nd Place – Potato Head Beach Club
3rd Place – Cocoon Beach Club
Best Casual Dining
1st Place – Rumours
2nd Place – Happy Chappy Chinese
3rd Place – Brazilian Aussie BBQ
Best Live Music Venue
1st Place Ryoshi Seminyak
2nd Place – Bang Bang
3rd  Place – The Orchard
Best Resident Urban Hip Hop DJ
1st Place Yoga Yin
2nd Place – Goodgrip
3rd  Place – Dubwill
Best Resident House/Techno DJ
1st Place Patrix Johnson
2nd Place – Andy Chunes
3rd  Place – Mamsa
Best New Venue
1st Place – Opivm
2nd Place – Bang Bang
3rd  Place – Azul Beach Club
Best Underground Nightclub
Best Nightclub
Sky Garden
Mr Beat
Tyler Madison (Sky Garden)
Miss Beat
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