Bali Climbing is a bouldering gym and healthy cafe located less than a five minutes leisurely walk from Canggu’s popular surf break. This most recent addition to Canggu’s fitness community has added more reason to why Canggu is a must visit while in Bali.
Classes cover all levels of experience and are assisted by some of the best professional climbers. Specific training with hangboards and campus boards for conditioning and training system are also available on site. Kids Climbing classes are available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 4 – 5pm, adults climbing classes are available on the same days at 5 – 6pm. Don’t worry if it’s your first time, all you need is a pair of climbing shoes which are available at the gym and a quick introduction to fundamental techniques will also be provided.

Now let me share my first time ever climbing, as a fitness professional myself who is relatively fit and strong – I’d never thought climbing would be so challenging. In addition to my fear of heights, wearing climbing shoes for the first time was very awkward as they’re shaped differently – definitely great way to step out of my comfort zone! Turns out that climbing doesn’t only involve general core and upper body strength – it involves a lot of strength of the finger joints which in many conventional physical activities are rarely trained. It was extremely challenging as well an eye opener to discover more potential as to what my body is capable of, it’s both mental and physical challenge to me and each time I reached the very top of each boulders, I gained satisfaction and amazing confidence to move on to the next difficult ones.
Many guests have admitted the bouldering pattern at Bali climbing to be one of the best they’ve tried and knowing the man behind this epic facility is Ponti Hardiyanto, I could see why. Bali Climbing’s very own head route setter and coach Ponti is a champion of multiple international climbing championships in Asia. His many years of experience in climbing and coaching have enabled him to set boulder problems for all type of climbers. Besides his incredible skill, Ponti is also super friendly. I was lucky enough to have him show me some of his incredible climbing skills. Bali Climbing is more of a community of climbers who are doing what they love daily at a place that openly welcomes and gathers people from all different lifestyles and fitness backgrounds to come together and help each other to climb better and higher.

Open from 7am to 9pm everyday, this open air bouldering gym is also equipped with sandbags, kettlebells, ropes and other gym equipment to maximize your fitness experience. Membership options range from a two hour full access, a 5, 10 and 20 entry pass, drop in classes and 10 class packages for both kids and adult guests. Adult guests can also purchase a one hour access to fitness equipment only and if you are keen for 1:1 intensive coaching, they have that option available for you as well as private excursion and private events. An all inclusive retreat is also available at Bali Climbing, offering a holistic approach to health and wellness through a well balanced package of nutrition, training, activities, relaxation and accommodation.
That’s not all, their café serves variety of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner to fuel you up in between climbs!

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