A Day of Silence at W Bali – Seminyak

As we pass through another year of good times on the island, Nyepi gives us a chance to reflect and some time for self-introspection. Let go of all modern ways of living for a full 24 hours. This special day commemorates the start of the year for the Balinese and a unique start to the ceremony featuring the Ogoh-Ogoh parade taking place all over the island.

The Beat had the privilege of spending it at The W Hotel Bali – Seminyak in one of their Marvelous Pool Villas.

As we arrived at the lobby and checked in, a sense of bliss swept over me, as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. A kind member of staff then proceeded to take our bags and we were off to see our home for the next two nights. Our plan for the afternoon consisted of using the state-of-the-art gym and then heading towards Lio Square to watch the parade, but the first part of the plan was dismissed as we entered the villa and found out how comfortable the bed was. A nap ensued and then a lush bubble bath before getting ready for the Ogoh-Ogoh parade.

After the festivities, it was time to eat and thankfully the W’s 24-hour room service is top quality and quick on their feet! The menu features a vast selection of cuisines with something for every palate. After dinner we found a couple of colourful palette’s labelled Sip, Play & Flirt with all types of passion sparking options such as edible body paint, a loaded cream gun, scented candles and chocolate fantasies. It’s safe to say that the W crew have thought about everything to make your stay that much more exciting!

On the day of Nyepi we wanted to respect the traditions and used minimal amounts of lighting & electricity, internet and even kept our voices low throughout the night. To make sure we were tired enough to sleep we took advantage of the gym and all the adjacent services, including the sauna, steam room, hot & ice-cold pool, oxygen therapy and their tasty Chill Bar. Afterwards, we moved onto the Away Spa and treated ourselves to a rejuvenating massage, completing the perfect day with a feast at the in-house Fire Restaurant.

If you have ever stayed at the W you know that the service is number one. During our stay at the luscious villa, we were treated like royalty and felt the love all the way from check-in to check-out. So next time you are looking for a Nyepi escape, or any weekend escape for that matter, don’t hesitate to give the W Bali – Seminyak a call.


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